The Truth Stunning About The World Heritage Recognition

The Chinchorro's mummy is over 7,000 years old. The world's oldest mummies are recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage. From the early 20th century, experts have found more than 300 Chinchorro's mummies in Chile. According to research results, these mummies are more than 7,000 years old. Accordingly, the raw civilizations of Chinchorro culture become the oldest mummy in the world

. In July 2021, the United Nations Education, Science and Culture Organization (UNESCO) recognizes the mummy Chinchorro's Heritage is the world heritage. This is attracting public attention. From here, many people learn the mummy of Chinchorro culture there are anything more special than the mummy of other civilizations
Experts say more than 300 mummies of Chinchorro in status Almost intact. This shows that this civilization has excellent marinated techniques. Other with ancient Egyptians who are often embalming for royalty, nobles, Chinchorro mummified everything in society, people are every Age and gender. The anthropologist Bernardo Arriaza said the Chinchorro practiced mummically intentionally. According to him, this culture uses methods to protect the corpse instead of embalming naturally in dry climatic conditions. One of the chinchorro's mummy mummies becomes special is the problems Packed with clay masks with openings for eyes and mouths. Added, the Chinchorro painted red or black on the mummy. Paint used to embalm them made from pigments such as minerals, earth, manganese and iron oxide. In over 7,000 years, Chinchorro's mummies are quite intact. Guests can admire these raw civilizations at some museums such as San Miguel de Azapa Archaeological Museum
Video Viewers: Egypt discovered more ancient treasures with more than 100 corpses Marinated 2,500 years. Source: VTV24. ANH (according to CNN)

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