The Un Concerns The Interim Government In Afghanistan Lacks Representation

On September 13, the UN Human Royal Commissioner Michelle Bachelet said that the interim government component in Afghanistan lacks representation, excluding women or representatives from minority communities. Taliban rears at the airport Kabul, Afghanistan, on August 31, 2021. Photo: THX / TTXVHave last week, the Taliban announced a new government component, in which all high-level positions were due to the leaders of this movement and the Haqqani network - which was said to be the hardest branch This movement. In the report of updates on human rights situation in Afghanistan before the UN Human Rights Council, Ms. Bachelet emphasized that most Southwest Asia's people wish to end the conflict and split status pulled Many decades long

. That, the Afghan people want to live in peace, stability and prosperity, in the country where they can contribute to a state management system to encourage the role of women , Youth, unite different ethnic and religious communities. In the report, Ms. Bachelet also emphasized the Taliban committed to apply the State management regulations "More flexible" compared to the ruling period before
However, the new information that her office received reflected these commitments has not been fully implemented, when many women and girls continue to face difficulties in integrating society. Also on the 13th day / 9, Foreignte Minister Qatar Sheikh Mohammed Bin Abdulrahman Al-Thani Announces National Gulf has asked Taliban forces to respect the rights of women, led to the Muslim nations that gave the right to be active for women. At the press conference with Jean-Yves Le Drian in Doha, Foreign Minister Qatar also said that the country played an intermediary role and asked Taliban to connect with the international community. He also affirmed that Qatar will maintain flights from Kabul Airport. As for him, Mr. Le Drian also announced that tens of citizens of this country are currently staying in Afghanistan. Paris in collaboration with Doha to continue evacuating these people. Time through Qatar plays an intermediate role between the Taliban Forces and countries around the world. Qatar Airlines also performed many foreign citizens evacuation flights out of Afghanistan after the Taliban forces gained control of the country. After the US completed the evacuation campaign on August 30 and to take over the Taliban to take over Kabul airport, Qatar also participated in the technical support and operation of this airport
In September 13, the first time since When the Taliban entered the capital Kabul, the first international trade flights in turn came and traveled from Kabul airport, opening hope for those who want to leave this country. This is the round-trip flight of Pakistani International Airlines. After landing at Kabul airport on September 13, it comes to the same day, Pakistan's plane has taken off from Kabul to carry 70 passengers , mainly Afghan people are relatives of international organizations employees. Reconnecting international trade flights are considered an important test on the level of commitment of the Taliban force in allowing people This people leave if they are full of papers. Date, director of Afghan Civil Aviation Authority, Mawlawi Abdul Hadi Hamdani, said the government plans to soon receive flight cargo-free goods Russia and Turkey. In a statement, Mr. Hamdani said: "Flights from Qatar, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Pakistan have landed at Kabul ... Russia and Turkey also announced They will resume flights to Kabul airports in the coming days to aid the Afghan people ". Peter of the Russian President to Afghanistan, Mr. Zamir Kabulov, confirming Moscow is considering the possibility of sending food and Medicine to Kabul.Le Anh (VNA)

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