The Unique Gates Are In Sin Suoi Ho

There is a Mong village in Sin Suoi Ho (Lai Chau) Do not drink alcohol, smoke, without gambling, clean village roads ... and especially the gates are very unique by homemade people without any unique . Lai Chau City is about 30 km, the tourism of Sin Suoi Ho Community (in Phong Tho district, Lai Chau) is nearly 1,500m high against sea level, with fresh, cool climate year round

. (Photo: Xuan Mai / Vietnam) Previously, Sin Suoi Ho people only knew in agriculture. But after 5-6 years of getting acquainted with the travel, thinking and awareness of the relatives have significant changes in taking advantage of nature favor. (Photo: Xuan Mai / Vietnam) Because it is a commune to travel in the community as late compared to many other localities, Sin Suoi Ho is determined to create differently and accents for visitors right from the first impression that is the gate home
(Photo: Xuan Mai / Vietnam) Although it is not any family to travel to the community, but with the common spirit, each household has created a separate mark with unique homemade gates. (Photo: Xuan Mai / Vietnam) Materials as environmentally friendly and creative portals. (Photo: Xuan Mai / Vietnam) these days, Covid-19 made the scene of Homestays in Slide Spring Lake deserted, due to no tourists. (Photo: Xuan Mai / Vietnam) The gate has a model of a zipper, which is associated with the agricultural activities of the locals. (Photo: Xuan Mai / Vietnam) Port has a ax model. (Photo: Xuan Mai / Vietnam) Throughout, the local tour guide said these gates and indigenous culture are the pride of Sin Su Lake community tourism. (Photo: Xuan Mai / Vietnam) The gate has a model of a knife. (Photo: Xuan Mai / Vietnam) Port has a plow model. (Photo: Xuan Mai / Vietnam) Head of the Golden Award said that every people in Sin Suoi Ho are very happy and proud to have visitors to learn and experience the life and culture of Mong people. (Photo: Xuan Mai / Vietnam) Tourism also brings significant income to improve life
Therefore, relatives are agreed to develop green economy. (Photo: Xuan Mai / Vietnam) The people in the self-cultivation of pigs and chickens, growing vegetables to serve guests in place, avoiding foods using preservatives or using stimulants. (Photo: Xuan Mai / Vietnam) Thanks to opening tourists and developing local orchids, every household here has income from VND 30-50 million / year. (Photo: Xuan Mai / Vietnam) The precious thing is that Sin Suu Ho is aware that one of the attractions of visitors here is to preserve the capital identity of the Mong people. (Photo: Xuan Mai / Vietnam) A corner Sin Suoi Ho looked from above. (Photo: Xuan Mai / Vietnam)

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