The United States Expects More Than 10 Chinese Businesses To Blacklist

Mr. Biden's government announced earlier on Friday (America) that they will bring more than 10 more Chinese companies to the US sanctions list, because it is related to human rights abuse and history High-tech use to track people in Xinjiang, according to Reuters.0: 00/1: 34 NAM ANGROUND between China and the United States continues to stress because of mutual economic sanctions. Illustrations of Bloomberg, so, the US Department of Commerce will continue to act after bringing 5 companies and other Chinese entities to the list of economic sanctions for forced labor in Xinjiang. The US Department of Commerce is considered as part of the Biden administration's sanctions for China, before Beijing's human rights violations, a source told Reuters

. China does not acknowledge foxes Forcing for genocide and forced labor in Xinjiang and said that the country's policies offered to quench the separatist actions and the attack plot of religious extremists to increase stress between ethnic minority Uyghur (Duy Ngo Nhi) and Han people. "The Chinese side will take necessary measures to protect the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese companies and reject the efforts of flowers. The intervention in China's internal work ", the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Uong Van Ban (Wang Wenbin) said on every day u
One of Reuters sources said the US Department of Commerce is expected to include 14 Chinese companies on the list of punished entities related to abuse to take place in Xinjiang. Chinese companies have not been published yet, but some companies from other countries will also be added to the black list of the US Department of Commerce in the coming days, still according to the above source . White house refuses to comment on this incident, while the US Department of Trade has not answered immediately request comment from Reuters.Theo Chi Thanh /

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