The United States Revealed The Planning Plan Of Covid-19, Tt Biden Stood In Front Of The Risk Of Criticism

Global campaigners are condemning deeply planned plans of the US President Joe Biden on the injection of vaccine vaccine with Covid-19 to enhance the citizens of water with full vaccination. According to campaigners, this plan will deepen the current global vaccine inequality. The rich countries deploy vaccination vaccination vaccination Covid-19 can cause inequality Vaccine around the globe. Vaccine Covid-19 Vaccine Ingredging Plan of Mynew York Times on August 18 reported, next week, the US government may notify that American people need to be injected with a vaccine against Covid- 19 Time 8 months after the nearest vaccination. This is part of a campaign that can start in the middle of September

. The board is said to begin with the injections repeatedly for medical care workers and people in nursing homes , followed by the elderly, all those of the top priorities are vaccinated and finally public. According to the newspaper, the US authorities are considering whether a third injection need Similar to the first 2 injections, for 2 Covid-19 vaccines of two Moderna and Pfizer pharmaceutical companies. People who have been vaccinated 1 dose Johnson

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