The Us $ 2 Billion Fighter Encountered Incidents, Urgently Landing

An American B-2 stealth bomber worth US $ 2 billion has been damaged after having an aerial problem and having to land the base in Missouri on 14 / 9. Stealth Bomber B -2 Spirtit of the US Air Force. Photo: Epigram with the US defense office knows that two pilots have decided to land due to incidents during exercise flight. Luckily, the case does not cause casualties and the aircraft in the group of the most expensive weapons of the United States is not burnt, explosive. Welling Daily Mail to report the incident at 12:30 on September 14, caused the Department of goods No Federation (FAA) announced the ban on all flights operating within 10km and at an altitude of 2,400m or more around Whiteman

.Faa air base explaining "red alarm" to create safety conditions For the investigation of the crash on and will be removed from 8pm September 17 / 9. To date, Northrop Grumman Defense Company only builds 21 B-2 mechanical bombers. One of them exploded in Guam in 2008
(Watching the B-2 aircraft video falling at the time of take off in 2008. Source: Daily Mail) The B-2 has just been damaged when landing on the road The ice of the Whiteman base, but it is unclear the level. The Global Army Commander of the US Air Force said it was investigating and early providing more information about the problem. According to the news page, B-2 bomber produced with materials can become malicious if the US B-2 heavy strategic bomber bombing can penetrate the room system Not dense. Easy to identify with a typical triangular design, B-2 has the ability to deploy common bombs, nuclear bombs and missiles.

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