The Us Agreed That Israeli Intelligence Assassinated Iranian Scientists?

The intelligence of Israel Mossad used an artificial sniper gun to assassinate Iranian nuclear scientists. New York Times recently led sources to believe that Israeli intelligence has planned to assassinate the house Nuclear Science Iran Mohsen Fakhrizadeh and sends a plan to USA. The plan has received the US agreement. The school of the assassination of Iranian Nuclear Scientists Mohsen Fakhrizadehs, Mossad has used an advanced sniper gun equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) To assassinate the Iranian nuclear physicist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh on November 27, 2020. The preparation for the assassination of Mr

. Fakhrizadeh was prepared by Israel from the end of 2019 to early 2020 after a series of meetings between the board The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and Israeli Intelligence Agency (Mossad). Israeli intelligence informed American colleagues on the action plan and was approved. The assassination of Iranian scientists was used by Mossad to use a special version of the FN MAG machine gun produced by Belgium A high-tech robot device
The device is disassembled and smuggled into Iran, which is then assembled and installed on a pickup truck. The car was attached to the surveillance camera to be destroyed immediately after the attack and did not leave evidence. At the place where the assassination occurred, the scouts also discovered a car that was said to be broken Wheels, also attached surveillance cameras. Before starting to act, the assassination force wanted to make sure it was the Iranian nuclear physicist in the car, not his wife or son. Assassinations last less than a minute. Although it was very careful, the last part did not take place according to the plan. The pickup truck was said to completely destroy the sniper device, but instead the device splashed aside and spoiled Heavy damage, the reality of the gun is still quite intact. This allows deeper investigation on how Israeli intelligence has been used to assassinate the Iranian nuclear physicist.Theo described from the source in the Obsess Atrophy of Iranian scientist in November 2020, a suicide bomber had exploded a car on the road, before shooting a gun in Fakhrizadeh's car. Mr
Fakhrizadeh fantasies the bullet shot into the tires are a cry from the car engine. The nuclear physicist stopped the car, walked outside and immediately collapsed because he was hit by the second series with 4 bullets on him. When the medical staff reached the scene, Mr. Fakhrizadeh was still alive. Health workers used helicopters to bring him to the nearest hospital, but the doctors did not save him. Then, Iran has arrested among some people related to the assassination of Fakhrizadeh scientist. The attack, Iranian government blamed Israel and the opposition group Mujahedeenen people of Iran (MEK) stood after the assassination. Press TV channel also reported that the weapon "produced in Israel" was found in the scene. After identifying and arresting some suspects, Iran still accuses Israel related to the assassination. Is Israel Commenting on the assassination of Mr. Fakhrizadeh but a senior official in the President Donald Trump said to the media that Mossad, Israeli overseas intelligence agency, behind the incident. The US also denied that relevant to the attack. Lai Lam

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