The Us Announced The Creation Of ‘historical Breakthrough’ In Nuclear Synthesis Response

A state-state state laboratory on August 17 announced that there was a 'historical breakthrough' after producing more energy than ever through nuclear synthesis response. Many scientists in the world have warmly received this good news.0: 00/1: 58 NamThen experienced, taking place on August 8 at National Ignition Facility (NIF) in California, "activated by laser Aiming at a target of size with a lead bullet "." Create a hotspot with a capacity of more than 10 million billion watts in 100 thousand billion seconds "This is the energy level more than eight times compared to The last experiments were made at the beginning of this year. The nuclear synthesis was considered by supporters to be the energy of the future, especially because it creates less waste and no greenhouse gases

. Unlike fission reactions, a technique is currently being used in nuclear power plants, which break the link of heavy atomic nucleus to recover their energy. Nuclear synthesis (Also known as a fusion reaction) is an opposite process: they "combine" two mild nuclear nucleus to create a heavy nucleus. In this case, two isotopes (B Hydro's atomic), creating helium
This process is going on in the stars, including our sun. This breakthrough step leads to researchers to very close to "fire threshold", That is, the moment the energy generated exceeds the level used to stimulate the reaction. Prepare to reproduce this experiment, will lose "several months", and detailed data will be published on one Science Magazine.Kim Budil, Director of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, NIF, said: "This result is a historical breakthrough for imprisoned fusion research. Steven Rose monks , Dong Chieu Research Center in this field at Imperial College London University, commented: "NIF has made an extraordinary job. This is the most important progress in the inertial summary response since its birth in 1972 ". However, he said that converting this concept into a renewable electrical energy source would probably be a process Long-term and will involve overcoming significant technical challenges.ThaCaFP

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