The Us Congress Faces Many Pressure On Policy Before The Year-end Holiday

3/12 date, bipartisan Policy Center (BPC), a consulting organization based in Washington, D.C. (United States) said that the Federal Government can not pay its debts next day after 21/12 if Congress does not raise the ceiling no.0: 00/2: the National NamToa domain 43Nu US Congress in Washington, DC. Artwork: AFP / TTXVNBPC predicted that "Day X" - only when the country is no longer able to meet the full and timely debt obligations of their - likely will occur during the period from the date 12/21/2021 until 28/1 / 2022

.Shai Akabas, director of economic policy of the BPC, said: "Those who believe that the problem of the public debt limit may resolve after December safely the whole is completely wrong. Congress may be faced with the scenario of financial imbalances seriously if they are holidays that do not resolve this issue, ".Khuyen BPC report came after the Congressional Budget Office US (CBO) earlier said the US Treasury will probably "exhausted" before the end of may 12/2021 cash if Congress does not increase the debt ceiling cong
Phat told the Senate Banking Committee, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said that if Congress does not resolve this issue to the US can pay all debts on time and in full, the US economy will have to leave the current recovery trajectory tai.Ba Yellen urged Congress raising the debt ceiling before 15/12. According to BPC, the US does not pay on time the bill national debt may impact immediately in the global economy, especially amid economic recovery and uncertainty increase with the appearance of new variants Omicron.Gioi debt limit, also known as the debt ceiling, which is the total amount that the US government is allowed to borrow to meet the existing legal obligations, including social security benefits social and health care, interest on the public debt and payments khac.Cung day, US President Joe Biden signed a short-term funding bill to keep the federal government works to end on 18 / 2/2022, avoid closing a phan.Ong Biden stressed: "In this time, the cooperation between the two parties is remarkable", and urged the US Congress to use the time that this bill provides toward a bipartisan agreement on the bill sponsored both nam.Thuong US House of Representatives and had previously passed a bill to keep the US government to maintain operations until the middle of t 2/2022 groin, just a day before the financing of the US government every han.Trong recent years, the US lawmakers repeatedly have difficulty in reaching agreement on the spending of the US government and the adoption of a number of temporary measures during the holiday season is almost a habit. Last September, the US Congress passed a measure to fund the government until 03/12/2021. Maya MacGuineas, chairman of the Budget Committee said the Union: "This is the 25th consecutive year the Congress passed the spending bill on time"
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