The Us Envoy In Haiti Resigns Related To Refugees

In the resignation application, Mr. Foote claims he will not be related to the 'counterproduct' decision of the US government expelling thousands of Haitian refugees and illegal immigrants. American envisage in Haiti , Mr. Daniel Foote. (Source: CNN) On September 23, the US envoy in Haiti, Daniel Foote, resigned to oppose the government President Joe Biden's government conducted a series of two-way migrants in the area Border Border Mexico

.In the application to resign to US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Mr. Footer insisted that he would not be related to the "counterproductive" decision of the US government to expel thousands of Haitian refugees and immigrants. Illegal about your country
Foote's resignation is given only two months after he was appointed to special envoys to support Haiti to promote long-term peace. American diplomacy in Haiti and the US ambassador to Zambia to January 2020. Finally last week, President Biden government began to relocate thousands of Haitian migrants crossing the US from Mexico and taking them back to Haiti On the flight. Before that, the US stopped the expulsion of Haitian migrants when this caribe country suffered horrified earthquakes in August This year. However, the excursions have been resumed with pressure to act quickly after more than 15,000 Haitians from Mexico have come to the US recent days and stuck for many days under a bridge in the North Rio Grande River in Texas./.Phan An (VNA / Vietnam)

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