The Us Only Accepted Russia When He Wants To Sell S-500 To Belarus

According to the US Military Watch, Russia wants to sell the S-500 system without the S-400 for Belarus not necessarily from commercial purposes. Information about Russia wants to sell S-500 for Belarus by Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko said that when talking about the contract to provide a weapon worth more than 1 billion USD, Minsk and Moscow have just signed. "Thank you Russian leadership, the army and the Russian defense industry have agreed with the whole The list of weapons will be present in Belarus in 2025. In the list of helicopters, Tor-m2 systems, "President Lukashenko said. S-500

. The Lukashenko added that, does Belarus currently Negotiating with Russia on providing the S-400 defense system. However President Putin has suggested strong and more advanced S-500 systems. The ratings of Russian President's suggestions with Belarus on S-500, US defense magazine Military Watch said that, If the S-500 deal is made to bring Russia benefits not only commercially
According to USA, Belarus and Russia have signed a new coalition treaty that can exchange intelligence information. So the deployment of the S-500 system is near the western border Belarus will allow Moscow to control a large territory of NATO and partly in Germany. It is known that when developing the air defense system 500, Russian defense has integrated a unique ability to this type of weapon, allowing it to destroy even military spacecraft if the orbit at an altitude to 200km. Not like the missile Anti satellite placed in Russian cellars, the S-500 complex can be secretly deployed everywhere on the ground to attack the enemy military satellites. Do so, once the plan sells s- 500 for Belarus into reality, Russian defense will be much easier to deal with non-road attacks from the US and NATO ally. Military Watch Memorary also adds that, Belarus is working hard to modernize By the army, so in addition to the weapons of the country will buy some other new weapons systems from Russia and so that Belarus army will become the strongest army in Eastern Europe. Belarus weapons can be purchased from Russia in the near future, if the name includes MiG-35 fighter, the ISKander tactical missile system and a new generation tank. One time all these weapons are purchased by Belarus About will help the country's military become the leading advanced force in the area.

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