The Us Sees Thousands Of Vaccine Certified Cards Preventing Covid-19 Fake

Over 3,000 Certified Certified Cards Preventing Covid-19 Avatars have been seized at cargo transportation institutions of Anchorage Airport, Alaska, USA. Certificate of vaccinated vaccine against Covid-19 in the US. (Photo: ABC News) The American customs officer and border guard (CBP) Jaime Ruiz on August 19 said that the number of certified cards was seized in the past week when they were shipped to packages small. About 135-150 packages are sent to Anchorage, with the same sender in China. Each package includes 20-25 Certified Certificate Card Vaccine Covid-19 fake

.CBP indicates that these fake certification cards are very similar to real certification cards provided by centers for preventing and controlling diseases for those Get vaccinated. However, these cards have poor print quality. Finally, US officials have seized 3,600 fake vaccination certification cards in Memphis City, Tennessee state
All of these card numbers are derived from China. The active seizure of fake vaccination cards took place in the context of "industry" as a fake card appears more and more online to meet the needs of People who do not want to vaccinate against Covid-19 for many reasons. According to the portal director of the seaport in Anchorage, Ms. Kymberage Fernandez, in addition to Alaska state, the fake vaccination vaccination cards are intended to move to many areas Only across the United States. Currently authorities are expanding investigating these cases ./. K.G (According to AP, Reuters)

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