The Vietnamese Team Cannot Improve Its Position In The Third Round Of World Cup 2022

After the first 3 matches of the third round of World Cup 2022 in Asia, the Vietnamese team is the only team to lose and have not yet obtained any point.02 / 2: 00 South Vietnamese team lost Unfortunately at the end of the game. (Photo: VFF) October 7 and dawn 8/10, matches in the third round of the third round of the Asia World Cup 2022 in Asia took place in both Tables A and B. in Table B, The Vietnamese team failed 2-3 before the Chinese team by the table losing in the last minute minutes. With this loss, the Vietnam team became the only team in the remaining 12 teams of the third qualifier World Cup 2022 Asia has not owned any points after matches

. The teacher of Coach Park Hang-seo lost to Australia 0-1, lost to Saudi Arabia 1-3 and lost to China 2-3. Also in Table B, the Japanese team had to leave Saudi Arabia with two white hands after failure 0-1 before the home team. Meanwhile, Australia continues to strengthen the top of the table with a 3-1 victory over Oman
Australia is in 9 absolute points after 3 matches. At Table A, Son Heung-Min shone at the moment when scoring important goals to help Korea win 2-1 before Syria. This result helped South Korea ranked 2nd Table A with 7 points, less than 2 points compared to the team led Iran.In this match, Iran crossed the UAE 1-0, while the remaining match between Iraq and Lebanon closed With the ratio of drawing 0-0. So in Group B, all competitors of the Vietnamese team have had at least 1 victory while in Table A, the last team Syria and Iraqi teams, Lebanon, UAE have obtained points after drawing. Table A ranking table after 3 matches. Table B ranking board after 3 matches. The 4th match of the third round of World Cup 2022 Asia area Take place on October 12. The Vietnamese team will be the guests of the Oman team. The results of the 3rd match of the end of the end of the World Cup 2022 Ahan Quoc - Syria: 2-1irq - Lebanon: 0-0ee - Iran: 0-1B - Vietnam: 3-2saudi Arabia - Japan: 1-0ustralia - Oman: 3-1 Vietnam team competition in the third round of World Cup 2022 in Asia

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