The Village Is 15 Years With A Gossiper

Within 150 years with the Faculty of Exams from 1469 - 1619, Yen Ninh village has 10 people Do Dai Khoa. Every 15 years, Yen Ninh welcomes a person parking a doctor about the principle of the nest - the rare ratio to see the Family Family Family Family. Bac Giang). In feuding times, Bac Giang recognized with 5 observers in Quoc Tu Giam, Yen Ninh village alone had 4 positions. The village has 6 families of Nguyen, Hoang, Body, Ngo, Do, Doan, all have a passer to pass the doctor

. Ho Chi Minh City National Assessment evaluated that, despite being a midland province, mountainous, wide land, difficult economic, but Bac Giang people still established the tradition of admirable tables when attending themselves The entrance of the door of the door. Ninh is a small village, currently only about 400 households. However, that small incubation creates strange miracles to enroll the village's name in the history of the national table
Within 150 years, the village has 10 departments, enrolled in the Temple of Literature - Quoc Tu Giam. From ancient times, Yen Ninh village has a 10 doctoral temple. In the temple, there is a "German prostitute" and sentence praise here: "Body, Ngo, Nguyen, take care of Van Do, Do, Doan, Hoang Dong Ki Van". Meaning: relatives, cousinous corn, Nguyen started a school for appointment / family, they do, they do, they will follow the science. From a young age, he was a collegal, five-minded, four letters of the Chinese grapes and the festival of the elegants in the academic levels of predecessors in the country, especially Chu Van An . More than 50 years old, the central relatives will participate in the exam of the five-year-old exam, the 10th year of Quang Thuan (1469) and parked the Dr. Doctor. He spends paying attention to the cause of educating the Faculty of Faculty, especially the development and fostering of talents, building a team of intellectuals for the country. Using education to train the Chinese relatives Deeply shown in two seminars in the Quoc Tu Giau: "It opens the Thai Binh Thuong Thien Biet for home to the country, thurned the talent to the family to use. Because of the education It is the root in having talented people, the sense of talent is due to reformity
The glasses thinks: Troulator, Germany, Cao Hoang Emperor (Le Loi), the first time to open the way of opening up, has taken the construction of houses, fostering talents is the top duty ".ba Do Tien Life Doctor of doctors in the temple in Yen Ninh village. In 1995, Yen Ninh village built a doctorate temple, held an annual memorial on January 10. Because there is no full material of the loss of the vigorology, since 1999, Yen Ninh village taken on November 14 (the loss day of the central relative) is the general death anniversary of 10 doctorates. Famous in every time with the saying: "Hien is a national plant. Horse of Thinh Thinh, the strong water that Hung Thinh, the temperament, then the weak water is low. Therefore, the priest empires have no no way of educating the talent, choosing the chosen, cultivating the national gas to do the essential work ". Central people are also famous famous The Holy Tong highly appreciated the talent and was honored by the contemporary as the "nostalgic", under the tide to the East of the University of the University, cum and nation of Tuu Tuu, the top of the leader, imported The main sub, is the deputy head of the Tao Dan Association (King Le Thanh Tong is a marshal). In the family, in addition to the central relatives, there are children who do their grandfather. Dan Nhan Vu Thurs, Do Thue Tam borders Doctor from Doctor, Faculty of Tan Suu (1481); The body of the scene is the grandchild, Do Nhat borders the doctorate to visit Doctor, the Third Report (Detective), Dinh Mui Examination (1487). My dance. According to the Faculty Faculty of the Feudal Time at the front armor, also known as Tam Khoi consisting of the state, the label and sparradic table is the highest. Then go to Hoang Giap ie Second Dr. Dong came back and followed by the Third Dr. Dong came together. In 1490, the Hong Duc 21 year, at the Faculty of Canh Tuat, the head of the middle body and was The father of the body of the faithful dear Tin also passed the Tam Dr. Dong embraced. Do so, the two of their children have passed the doctor only with 1 Armor (3 years). The interesting thing here is that the son passed his doctor before his father. Thus, in 21 years (1469 - 1490), Yen Ninh village family made a rare chance of the old table - when the whole father - son, he - grandchild, uncle - grandchildren. Cardboard had a poetry to praise the family's house: Thread of the Brothers and Brothers and Brothers. Meaning: Ten Trinh family brothers connecting each other quarter / two pairs of father and son shampooing granting a glory.

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