The Volkswagen Beetle Used The V6 Engine To Cost $ 62,300

Volkswagen Beetle RSI is a high-performance variant of the 'Bug' line with a capacity of up to 221 horsepower from the 6-cylinder engine. A Volkswagen Beetle RSI rare goods are being sold online in the UK with The price of up to £ 45,000, equivalent to 62,300 USD.Beetle RSI limited to 250 units in the 2001-2004 period with a different appearance and outstanding performance compared to the normal version. The car was sold to hold a good situation, no changes or repairs and traveled 17,500 miles (about 28,200 km). The press of Volkswagen Beetle RSI is a sporty exterior package with a large wind wing Behind the tail, accompanied the Oz Supturismo alloy size 18 inch size, front bumper and bumpers behind the pit

.Volkswagen equipped with Beetle RSI Hanging system and hardened tweaks, high performance brakes and sets REMUS Double Exhaust Tube. The high-performance performance of the "Bug" is equipped with a 6-cylinder engine with a 3.2L capacity of VR (a variation of V6 engine), producing capacity Maximum of 221 horsepower and 320 nm torque
Combined with 6-speed and 4-wheeler duct 4Motion, Volkswagen Beetle RSI can accelerate 0-100 km / h in 6.7 seconds and reach speed The maximum of 225 km / h.The car is also a sports style with a leather seating set with 2 front racing seats, many details of the cabin are decorated with carbon or aluminum materials. m xben89

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