The War Of ‘brain Balances’ Scrambled Prey Between Hunting And Wild Dogs

Africa is large but it is very small in the eyes of predators because in this land only needs 'open' to a little bit will meet those who are ready to rob their prey. (Cheetah) Having a scientific name is Acinonyx Jubatus, in the same group of cats but eats off the members of its relatives at the speed. This hunting report has a slender body but muscles are very flexible with a long legs , Flexible spine, deep chest, special pads on the feet and a long tail to balance. It is also the only newspaper that cannot withdraw its claws, a adaptation to help maintain traction like professional athletes equipped with thoroughly equipment. With maximum speed can reach 120 km / h, accelerate from 0 to 96 km / h / h in just 3 seconds and keep continuous for more than 1 minute, the hunting report is considered to be one of the fastest animals in the world

. Not only fast, them It is still extremely flexible, it is possible to change the sudden direction in an incredible way, even when in the middle of the air, thanks to the long tail with the effect of balancing the body weight. Not like other brothers like Lions, tigers and spots, unable to roar, but just cried like cats and they tend to dodge live confrontations, so it's not strange if the hunt can be robbed I have encountered opponents with strength or a larger number. The clip below is one of the hunting newspapers to confront the most successful dog, the most successful hunting animal on the wild m Africa
/clip Source: Lastestsightings.Anh Grant Fendick, on the explorer trip through the Pilanesberg Mountain in South Africa, suddenly caught a craving between the two most dangerous hunting animals here. That , Mr. Fendick's convoy is on the road, seeing the scene of 3 hunting and killing a cow's head. The hunting report is an extremely rare animal in Pilanesberg, because this has attracted Fendick's attention to make him decide to stop the car to film. The mood of a winner has just hunted prey. After a moment, the new Fendick's group discovered what caused the eupropis to fear, it was a wild dog. Perhaps the smell of raw meat has attracted them to this area. The hunter is not a rival of the Hung Khan dog. It is a hunting animal with the oldest success rate in Africa
With science strategy and discipline has created a brand of wild dogs. They are not rushing into a war that uses tactics to closely apparite, putting pressure from many sides to the edition. The fancigong, hitting the psychology of opponents to maximize the effect. The elasticity is very trying to fight back, but helplessness before the population of the opponent. Not only that, wild dogs did not want to use force but only surrounded their opponents and threatened with their extremely uncomfortable "The" cries. loses, leaving your booty for wild dogs.

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