The Way The Wife Chau Kiet Luan Kept His Skin

The hem dunes focus on taking care of the skin around the eyes to limit wrinkles and haloes.0: 00/2: 37 namoubuilding in Chau Chau commune, Hannah Quinlivan (born in 1993). The hem in the entertainment village with model work, MC of Channel V Taiwan.Con Lang and Chau Kindan dating since 2010 and married in 2014. Due to early marriage so far, De Lang has so far Being a mother's mother

. However, the shape of the beauty still causes many people to admire, especially the beautiful skin, not the stain. Mausoleum has a face attracted. Photo: Sohu
good makeup when in Housing of Chou Chao Luan shared with the icon when not recording, she applies a gentle makeup habit and tries to face the skin to breathe. "Before I In addition, I just guys lose my eyes and cover the dark circles, "she said. Every night every dark skin, radiantly starting from removing thoroughly. Even if you don't make makeup, you still have to remove the makeup every day to clean the skin. The page is an important step in the skin care cycle to avoid dirt, causing the pores to cause obstruction causing acne. This is a habit of having a dinner that has a strong skin background, from which the rear skin care products are more effective. The page is an important step in the skin care cycle. Photo: Jen Hannah. Only the 25-year-old eye care, our bodies have many changes, especially the aging process. Therefore, the din lurs also creates a habit of eye care with dedicated creams to avoid dark circles, limiting wrinkles
"The eyes are very important for each person. If the skin is dry, the eye is dry, the signs Chemistry may appear markedly. I always attach importance to moisturizing the skin area to limit the age sign, "said Chou Xa Chau Tay with Elle Taiwan. Tap Gym. On his personal page, she often shows off her moment to practice hard even when traveling. Simple exercises like plank, bend belly suitable for every girl to help slender abdomen, protect the physique. "Along with daily skin care, I like to exercise. That makes the body sweat and Promote metabolism. In addition, it also helps to uncommitted toxicity and healthier skin after moving, "the cavity said. The slim shape of the mother's mother thanks to the hardworking work. Photo: Jen Hannah. Masked masks Every day the skin does not spaces even though the two children of the cavity are thanks to the habit of applying mask daily. Types of paper masks help moisturize, water supply, soothes and brightness are her choice. "I often choose a mask that doesn't aromatherable to use. It is gentle on the skin and doesn't cause any reflection In any applicant ", female MC shares. Sunscreen does not only apply sunscreen every day, the cavity also adds vitamin C tablets, antioxidants to enhance the ability to protect the skin before the harms UV rays. Moisture regularly besides cleaning, moisturizing is the way for your skin to be beautiful and stretched. The cavity "nourishes his dry skin with hyaluronic acid before using Squalene reservoirs". There is no difference between the carpentry and makeup of the Cavil. Photo: Jen Hannah, Styleudn.Hoang Anh

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