The Wedding Night Is Afraid To Love Me But Call The Name I’m Not Strange

Coming to the climbing climb looks into my eyes and then calls his best friend, making me shocked and feels disgusting.0 of the year. daughter. So that sweet honey night will become tragic if the girl discovers he is not the only husband's husband. This is, on the social networking group for sisters to spread the story just on the movie

. Accordingly, the girl shared that on the first night his husband and wife life, when he was a bit of salty love, her husband called his close friend's name, not the wife in front of the body. The story is shared as follows: "I am with her husband married after more than 1 year of love. My husband has a close friend from the beginning of the year, the two are the code of the code but according to my husband, both are just each other's close friends
We also have her husband's close friend. However, after a period of exposure, it was true that two people were just friends and she was quite sociable, happy and very cultivating for me and my husband. My new night, is climax, He looked into my eyes and called her friend's name. I thought I was wrong. But when he called the second time it was still the name of her close friend. I'm bewildered, shocked, shocked, shocked, ... I don't know how much my feelings are because it is very messy, can't call a name. I feel disgusting because if you have called the name in bed like that, it certainly did it together many times or my husband had deep emotion with her
I burst into tears like a natural reflector. He won the province and apologized to my sorry, explaining that it was just a mouthful and promised to never repeat anymore. Although I was a few weeks, my mood couldn't be better. Honestly I couldn't forget that night ".Book about a lot of sharing comments from the online community. Most people share with their wives, condemn their husbands but have some people spoke up, ceiling to protect their husbands: "Ohing up bed together and so I know your name sir. She must review the relationship now, but what kind of relationship is called a close friend between the other two people. Be careful not to have a pair of horns at the beginning whenever there is no sister ". If the two of them have to come together for a long time, it's time to come when she came and took him like that. It must be a real mouth of her mouth. "It's a mouthful but my husband called another daughter right in the wedding night was not right. Certainly the daughter will restore the body, will think a lot and affect the marriage life of two people if you don't solve this thoroughly.

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