The West Has A Very Strange Name Cake, But It Is Easy To Eat ‘addiction’

The Western West is a famous place with many delicious specialties and dishes. Including very strange names cakes that many people haven't heard ever, for example, Canh Dung.0: 00/2: 44 South of the South Long is a popular place with many delicious specialties and dishes. Among them, there are many delicious and unique cakes only in the river region. There are very strange cakes many people haven't heard of the name ever, such as Canh Dung

. The unique name of this cake, many hypotheses said that, the old cake name is the cake roll because the cake is Must book banana leaves again. But later easily confused with the flesh hot cake, it was died to the cake. There are also people thinking that this is the type of cake used to offer an ancestral grandparents, offerings, full moon offerings so it is so named
The cake is white in, crispy, packed in banana leaves, fragrant rice flour. But the rustic or affordable appearance, but to get the delicious cakes is a whole artist's art. With criteria, toughened cakes, fatty, sweet, medium, when eating non-bored, especially eye-catching colors, attractive taste, baking stages took place elaborately. Rice mixed with coconut milk, sugar, pineapple leaves. Wanting delicious cakes, rice is used to choose delicious rice, and seeds are soaked and grinded into powder. Powder finished pouring into plastic, starting mixing with coconut milk, pineapple leaves, with a little salt, sugar for medium taste and patching island, dissolving powder so that the flour is not too diluted or too solid . Order the package of cake, banana leaf (banana or banana or banana) used to be fresh, pulley to take the leaves, bring a wilted slightly (not too fresh or too dry), then tore into a piece of size more than the table Hands, wiping out two sides outside. Next, using a bamboo bar is more than a long-sleeved bamboo, a half-size diameter to roll the leaves to shape long tubes (with adult pigs). When rolled, starting from the edge of the leaves, rolls for stacked leaf layers, which is beautiful; Folding the edge at the end and then using a dried banana wire tied again, this folding part is very important, if not skillful, it can be broken, when pouring the flour will be flowed; The folding edges should be moderate, because the edge is too high, the cake will be short. It comes, using a banana wire to continue at the pipeline about one, two yarns, then pull out the leaves to have flat foil pipes
The leaves are finished, for the flour mixed into a shift with a pointed mouth to pour the powder without flowing out. Moderate powder soup, because less cake will not be round, too overflow will flow. Finally, stringed the leaves and tightened with the string to pour the flour into the leaf pipe without flowing out. The delicious worship is a tough, fatty, sweet, salty, oral, when eating non-bored, special color Eye-catching colors, attractive tastes, elaborate bakery stages. AAKING after steaming ripe with fragrance of sticky rice, of spices and is important that the fragrance of banana leaves blend into the cake. Many people jokingly, the more and more "addicted" and dumpers, sometimes they want to eat 10 pieces.

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