The Wife Announced That He Had A Pregnant 2 Months But He Decided Not To Go To Antenatal Care, I Bighly Scolded She Knelt Down For Forgiveness

Wants told me shocked. Unexpectedly she hid me a secret secret like in the middle of the year. But my husband and wife was together for more than 3 years, steadily husband and wife, his wife still had any changes. Several times she was late, I was very happy. But then his wife tried his pregnancy test and sighed

. I told you to see my wife, I don't say it, just say your children are fatty, unable to force and have to keep a quick and comfortable spirit. I am. Cheerfully said it was pregnant
My family celebrates. My parents constantly discussed the baby, what to name, where to buy cribs ...? Especially my father, he was no longer strict, uncomfortable with his daughter-in-law. Before, my father always said the unhappy family had a daughter-in-law "do not know". He often carried a neighbor to play home and said my wife's ironing. Knowing her sad wife, I advised her to hold the house to the door to the door, anyway, my father didn't have any means, it was just that he was too liked to me for me. Use it, get enough reason to not go to the doctor. (Artwork) But for 2 months, even though I urge many times, my wife still uses it, get enough reason to not go to the doctor
My parents are also impatient, telling her to go to ultrasound to see the situation the baby in the stomach? I still don't go. Last night, I continued to mention the pregnancy examination. The wife is determined not to go. Too much angry, I bighked my mother's mother without knowing my child, not impatiently, worried about me. I just finished scolding, my wife suddenly burst into tears and kneeling to the background. She said in hiccups that don't know what to do for right? She is not pregnant. I shocked, knocking down the phone holding the hands. The choking says a few months ago, my father shined in this year, she didn't give birth to me, I would force us to divorce. His house could not be great because she was. My wife was afraid of being abandoned by the family and her husband, so it was dose, using a sister's pregnancy test to lie to pregnant. I died, my mind was crazy. Such big stories that my wife can think of it. I forgive my wife but I have my parents? If they know what they are forgiven for a daughter-in-law cheatly? But what is a long-term lie? I am too brainless.Theo My Hanh / Fatherland newspaper

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