The Wife Ensures A Lot Of Beautiful Rice Trays, Just Eating Well For ‘virtual Life’

Can the simple rice trays of snow can help you not have to wonder what to see 'Today to eat?' 0: 00/2: 41 Nam Chat to the menu "Today to eat?" Never stopped making her headache. If you have been in this situation, please refer to Quach Thi Tuyet's menu (28 years) Living and working in Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City! Because doing the job at home so Quach Tuyet has a lot of time More in cooking. Every day this wife is going to the kitchen to make the family for the family. Sharing: 'When I still have my parents into Industry, I stay with grandmother and grandparents so maybe she is a source of inspiration and Teach me to cook the simplest items. When he was in the 3rd grade, he entered Lam Dong with his parents, he himself knew his father took the mother and cooked for his family

. Going to class 4 is probably alone at home to take care of me and cook for your parents to work and then, every 9x will cook for 4 adults to eat, small children will have a separate diet. Each of the rice rice she performs will have enough salty dishes, stir-fried dishes and boiled dishes, with an additional but preferably a lot of green vegetables. To help the whole family do not be bored, snow will change the menu By week, avoid duplicate dishes in a week
Not only that, the same material but she will change the way to cook for the whole family to change the air, easy to enjoy. Not only delicious cooking, snow also pays attention to the market costs. It is known that every day she will spend about 250,000 VND for buying food. In addition to cost balancing, 9X also does not forget nutritional problems as well as the origin of food. There is so meals of her family delicious and ensuring health for everyone. In addition to the market, I bought fresh clothes that are not more diverse. On the hot summer days, she also selected the dish to prepare so that the cool and easy-to-eat can. Percent a time for her to make a rice tray like this was about more than 1 hour. For fast cooking, the secret of 9x is to preliminate the food, then cook with two stoves, and use the non-oil fryer to support the kitchen to get better. In the family everyone praise when eating snow cooking
This is the driving force for a lovely wife, making it hardened in the kitchen every day. Sharing the life more modern, the more people become busy. A family meal with a full range of members is rare, but for her family meals is extremely important, it is a wire that mounts the members. '' I think women are more or less It should be known to cook, first to cook for themselves to eat, cook their relatives deliciously, I feel happy. Rice trays are not only delicious dishes, but also the encouragement, love that I send to your loved ones. Because of that, when eating will be more delicious, where to go on a relative will remember the warm-to-dress family wheels' - 9x shared. Multiply of the rice rash is Quach Thi Tuyet, born in 1993. Work The current girl is open of the gemstone jewelry.

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