The Wife Is Busy With Infertility, Husbands Welcome Old Love To The House To Confide … Lonely

Then, I heard I heard in a grip collective area that the times I went healing, my husband welcomed a beautiful woman, dressed in the house. They doubted that my husband had a sulfious relationship because he did not hide the gesture of hunting, loving, caring for that woman.0: 00/3: 08 narra names illustration: Internet before agreeing to be a girlfriend Of my daily, I knew you and Diep, her beautiful, famous lover, broke up nearly 3 years. Then when I and my daily weddings were believed, Diep was also in the same rich man on the street. I am 31 years old, England in charge of techniques for a motorbike repair and maintenance store

. The hometown is far away but he bought an old collective apartment, so my husband and wife's life was fine. I am less husband 7 years old, a salesperson for footwear, income is not high but okay The good shop owner, his dear treatment and shop always have guests so I also identified themselves to stick with a long-term profession. Thinking that husband is no longer too young to postponement of childbirth, we have both consciously fostering health, planning to spend reasonably actively if I have a pregnancy, raising small children to avoid embarrassing and strenuous When welcoming a new member
It is very pleasant, busy in the store, it is suffered, but there is a time staying at home, and the legs. I don't hurt anything from going to the market, cooking rice, cleaning the house to the pass I go shopping, even though you have to stop waiting for me when I come up for a few hours because I'm careful but have never complained A sentence. I and the first biensing, loving the most salty salty ink but are close to the year of as a wife, but I still haven't been happy with my husband. Thinking of a bad problem about reproductive health, I bored with my dip, I was so happy, happy when my bometry to my hospital to find the cause. The results of my husband are completely normal, and I unfortunately getting a faucet side and the quality of the ovule is not good. But in the pricing of the luck because the doctor confirms my disease cure, just I persevere in the treatment regimen of the hospital. The first time to take me healing and diligently pick me up, not Those men still have to remind me to take the medicine on time, then leave the market to find the market to buy nutritious food, coax me to eat like coaxing children made me extremely touched, extremely grateful to her husband. But the patience of my diphere gradually when my illness progressed slowly, he told me to go to himself, because the East sugar shuttle I was late as a critical shop affecting the joint job and affecting the salary British rewards means reducing family income! Husband given that reason, I also found it reasonable to arrange myself so that my husband rest assured to work. Identally heard I heard in a grip collective area that I went to heal, my husband welcomed one Beautiful women, stylish dressing home. They doubted that my husband had a vulnerable relationship because he didn't hide the gesture of hunting, loving, caring for that woman
To verify the sparks of neighbors, yesterday I told her husband I have to save the hospital all day for the doctor to follow after treatment, but go to half a day, I quietly returned home. Closed, curtains let go of the jacket but I knew her husband was in the house, quietly unlocked , I want to faint when I see your old lover's husband and Diep are cuddling. ... Husband told him not to deliberately betray me but the sick I need to cure for a long time, which he was afraid ... lonely, and Diep It is also sad because he divorced her husband. Protestible to look at her husband on the bed with old love I ... Fun? An Tri

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