The Wife Suffered From A Car On The Highway, Knowing The Cause, Netizens: Pushing More!

What happened that the wife was kicked out of the car right on the highway? 0:00 / 2: 06 Southern men on the highways, the vehicles often move at a fast speed. So if someone arbitrarily stops or unexpectedly gets into the car, it will probably cause dangerous situations. However, Sina (China) reported, recently, police officers during weeks TRA at night caught a woman sitting on the sidewalk onto the high-speed face with the face of tears. When receiving the attention, visits of functional forces, the woman still didn't say anything Just sobbed crying. So the police took her to the station and waited for her to calm down to clarify the incident

. Illustration: Sina Sina.qua a sobbing, the woman has closed the tail end job. She said she was kicked down by her own car right on the highway on the highway, then he immediately drove away
TNHE was these words, the police didn't get dumbfounded. They cannot explain why the husband can make such a thing. By the high-speed, there are not many stops, moreover, pedaling his wife is very easy to cause accidents, so here It is a very heartless and dangerous job. But after all, the staff can only call the other man to welcome his wife. In the phone, he expressed his very pleasant attitude and quickly drove it. When I saw my husband, the woman burst into tears and said that there was no intention of forgiving him. Previously face The police officer, the husband explained that they were on the way from his hometown, but his wife sat beside him continuously scolding him, even said he was a wishful item. The self-esteem, uncomfortable while driving and having a person who bothered, he opened the door, kicked his wife and went out before. After the story was posted, there was a netizen who said that the couple argued each other is normal, the husband should not be so pushful to push his wife into such a dangerous situation. However, someone said that the wife deserves to be treated like that, "Need to bike more Let me have a good habit
"Song although netizens have any comment, but the couple have accidentally hurt each other. Hopefully they will soon heal and include each other, to avoid bad things.

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