‘the Wind Is Full Of Sky’ – An Attractive Perspective On Vietnamese History

'The wind is full of sky' is the first work in the novel series of Thien Son writer on the road full of turbulent history that the Vietnamese people have experienced in the twentieth century. In this work, the author tried to build a multifaceted picture of the most complex and dangerous period during the strength of the new country. The historical theory "wind full of sky" time The art was shown since the August revolution broke out until June 1946 - when President Ho Chi Minh and the Vietnamese negotiations were on their way to France. The August Revolution was taking place nationwide , King Bao Dai abdicated and advised Ho Chi Minh Government. The north of 20 thousand turbies of Thach entrance, accordingly the Vietnamese and Vietnamese forces are based on the military forces to put pressure, win the leadership

. In the south, the British army, the French army entered and the war broke out at the end of September 1945. Ho Chi Minh City and his government had to respond to the situation of "thousands of hair hanging scales". Readers will see Appearing in this novel typical historical characters from many sides, special events were sinking in darkness and prejudices, thought issues, earnest aspectations about independence, Peace of the Vietnamese nation and the struggle to overcome dangerous situations before colonial ambitions have been tried to present in an objective, casual form
Van Thien Son has a book to contribute to opening The space of the idea of historical characters, exploring and recreating the reality of the submersible behind historical events. In this way, the author hopes to give the readers into the rich art world with a lively, complex and attractive reality. The history here shows up with all the struggling, staggering, extremely intense. The underground circuits, the hidden corners of the history progress are gradually revealed by the author. Choose a typical time of history as a context for the book, the author advocates to press the time of art with degrees Concurate details and drama makes the story thrill fast. Drama action is reasonably arranged by the author, continuously developing, transforming each other from the beginning to end. In other words, events, consecutive details, modified each other, creating continuous situations and explosions. Readers entering the art world in the work will constantly be swept away from the beginning to the end of the work. The more drama actions are more likely, in a row, in a row, unexpectedly and the history is constantly opened. It can be said, for the first time in a Vietnamese novel to appear the largest characters in the Various political trends, opposite: parties of Viet Minh leaders such as Ho Chi Minh, Vo Nguyen Giap, Truong Chinh, Huynh Thuc Khang; The Vietnamese People's Party has Nguyen Tuong Tam
Vu Hong Khanh; Vietnam Independent Alliance Association has Nguyen Hai Than; The male government has a Bao Dai king, Prime Minister Tran Trong Kim; The Chinese army has generals, Tieu Van; The French side has Jean Sainteny, Georges Thierry d'Argenlieu, Leclerc ... meaning that all the main characters dominate the realistic history are recreated with their own colors, vivid personality. These characters interact with each other, the action of this character affects other characters. Come to the "wind is full of sky" we are as witnessed a chessboard with all the profitability and the fenances of historical characters to overcome the consequences of other characters. Thien Son writer spent about 20 years to study materials and pondered before officially embarrassing this book. He thinks that it is essential to assess the nature of history, explaining underground circuits throughout the surface events, portraying character personality, making characters with life private. It is also the most difficult thing because with a sensitive and complex topic like this author faces historical prejudices, delicate problems about the life of the character. However, Thien Son writer said that the novel's job was to turn the character history into a literary character. The character in the work has its own nuances with real-life characters, because the writer's perceptions and creativity are crystallized. Therefore, it is recommended to read the work openly to understand what the writer is creative and creative. That only makes historical characters rich and diverse, more vitality. There is a critic that "the wind is full of sky" is the most successful book, about the historical period 1945- 1946. This is also the first novel to present a panorama of modern history, marking a new way of looking and opening up the possibility that novels can explore complex issues that in advance This has no conditions shown in the work.

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