The Wise People Are Absolutely Avoided To Borrow This 4

0:00 / 2: 11 nam wise people even though lacking is also absolutely avoided to borrow this 4 things in many countries often have a sentence "four things don't borrow money to melt the house" to talk about the problem of delicate people wise Know should not borrow. 4 Items should not be borrowed according to the ancient concepts of drugs that have not been mentioned in many places because after borrowing drugs, if someone returns to themselves will mean to return the disease, imply Not good, so everyone doesn't want to give others to borrow medicine. The illustrator. The old people often say that the borroked crutches also have the same meaning of the above drugs, borrowing others when returning it, meaning If you want to get sick, equivalent to others to use crutches. Also have a crutches that do not buy arbitrarily, are healthy to buy crutches otherwise want to buy sick people

. Illustration. Now people like to use rice jars to store food, if others borrow rice jars, there is a sentence "Non-healed rice", although at home with excess rice jars should not lend them. Many families also place the word "full "On the rice barrel, it is more likely to fill the rice barrel as possible, symbolizing the riches, Phuc Loc
The water in general water is associated with feng shui, dry water NG is only a source of human life, but also the whole gas can bring happiness and healthy to people, if the water tank is entitled, the podium is a bad meaning, but don't talk about to others borrow.4 Article Should not borrow in modern society, people are well aware of not to lend cars. If an accident occurs or other things for loan cars, the car owners must also be responsible for the corresponding responsibility. So to avoid unreasonable things, recommend not to lend cars. Citizenship and other people can borrow your identity card, your citizen identity to do some offense , such as lending I don't know. Maybe you owe a lot of money if the information puts personal papers for outsiders. Photos illustrate. Mobile today, people are indispensable to missing mobile phones. At the same time, there are many personal privacy rights on mobile phones. If you lend to others, contact with privacy can be serious
Borrowers and payments are sometimes live art. Many people have a good relationship, even brothers for borrowing money that loses affection, becoming each other's enemies. Lending money once you will understand, borrow money from people, pay the personality.

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