The Wise Woman Was Always Mindful: Behind Her Parents And Children Is Money, Not Men

Grazing must also be independent, because after you have parents, children need you to take care of. Men today can love to love you but tomorrow is not sure if you have always thought the woman only knows how to have money, always think of material. But there are ever men thinking, if there is no money, what to live, eat anything, how happy happiness. Reality, there is a new money that is what decides you have to live happily safe or not. It's the most important man who is the most important for women, the new money is something that makes women safe

. When pursuing men, pain, unfortunately will stick to women. But when pursuing money, women will have a warm life, not relying. Illustration
Do not women find yourself a good husband but to find yourself a stable job, high income . But still reads the body or married, women have to take care of themselves a full life. Labor, take advantage of your youth to make money to take care of yourself after going home. Men today can love to love you but tomorrow is not sure if Illustrated. Illustration. Don't live in a stupid language, bringing your husband's withdrawal. Because there is no money, there will be no voice in marriage. No money will be despised by her husband. Although later there was the worst case of divorce, you also have the ability to win the right to raise children, don't go away with white hands. What do you say to them, women's work is to earn a lot of money , Don't membrane to other things
Women have to put money on top rather than men. Don't wild your skin to pull yourself pull the person who doesn't love me. If you have a grief, use pride, the bag is full of money to prove that no men you still live well. Still happy and safe between this life. Good and beautiful

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