The Woman 3 Fell In Front Of The House Because Her Husband Was Incomparable And The Cutting Sentence Was Full Of Professionally And Handling The Quality

By the time L. lifted his sleeve, her husband saw himself too wronged in: 00/3: 42 nam nuns a woman an ordinary craft, relying on her husband is not sure who is happy Best. If she has its own ambitions, desires and aspirations, and is fully supported by her husband, it is an ideal story. We also have talent, good and hardworking, it is important that Mr. Xa always works, so the joy is really complete

. However, no family has such a psychological husband. The story of L. Below is a typical example of the opposite style: Living heartless and extremely lack of responsibility
The woman 3 times falls in front of the house because the husband is heartless in the family, L. The most disadvantaged, because she was only 15 years old, my parents were no longer available. Also sewing house L. There are two big brothers, began to work, earning money for school for school. Life faces many difficulties, only two Brand of L. Go to the business city. The little woman like L. Although he had to stay in his hometown, living enough in the house of his parents leaving. 24 years old, L. charming with a guy with the countryside, the two of them love each other very merely And colorless sesame
With sincere affection for 2 years, until 26 years old, L. officially went home. Mr. L. The commune also has a similar situation when she loses a little father. The day before I agreed to get him. Although the economy of the two children was unsteady, somewhere I still hope myself and my husband are healthy enough, faith to grow together and try together. Go back to realize the harsh truths. There is a little money to save and get two brothers to help, I trade online clothes business. However, my husband is still lazy, not helping the wife even Being indifferent to my work. 3 times I fell the car right in front of the door. Because my motorbike took the goods, the goods were piled up. told him to support it, the husband told himself Thrap hierarchy, you can go to the house. Clothes pour down, are also 3 times I am tearful, self-overcome in bitterness "- L. Share. Wake up to get up early, even c Heys also create online relationships to help work smoothly. Still not once asked, interested, day playing games on computers, taking money from several rooms with little meals to eat and handle the lord of the wife and the sharpened cutting pegs Online, L. also "wise" and sophisticated, sophisticated thinking. She felt like she was no longer the orange wife who suffered his fast rings, but he had to stand in front of the choice. One is teaching her husband, two is to leave her husband. And then did not remove this charm, L. decided to teach her husband to place. It is still determined to continue the business because it produces a large source of income, enough for her to autonomy, financial independence. However, she did everything at your parents' private house, not bringing a living house. Even, L. Don't talk to her husband for a while as a "deterrent". The illustration of the epidemic month, the village workers have no job to pay for the inn, so L. Husband loss of monthly income. He didn't make money, so he finally had to go to his house to apologize. At this time, L. Newly declared "you see, I don't have you, I still live well, what about you, look back yourself!" Mr. Xa watched the scars of cars. "No matter how pain, with bleeding, I still try!" - L. said. L. her husband realized the mistake, especially when saw scars on his wife's hand. He must feel ashamed because the man in the house doesn't handle anything. This is also the same lesson with a smart handling for women: want to teach men, first of them Owner yourself!

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