The Woman Fled With Her Husband’s Student, Posting A Divorce Statement And The Bound

Once the perfect couple in everyone's eyes, in the end, the wife did not bear hard to flee according to her husband's student and met the barrier. is the most famous Chinese artist. At the age of 20, when his father died, a distant relative to visit and carried his niece Tran Chi Tu. It was a relative Song Tran Chi Tu was only the daughter of the sister's sister, so both sides were not interested What system. Therefore, when vibrating from the first glance, the couple quickly reached together

. This relationship was also accepted by the family. In 1925, they entered the marriage palace. At that time, Casual Pink 21 and Tran Chi Tu 17 year old
They love each other passionately. Usually the pink letter also promises throughout the wife to treat his wife, causing Tran Chi Tu extremely moved. The farewell moment he said he would try to welcome his wife to Sang.Sang France, they often gradually made the name known by a series of excellent works. He also has its own exhibition. Body Tran Chi Tu remains trying to learn more sculptures and hardworking French training to prepare for studying abroad. Although the story of foreign schools in those years is expensive, the two-sided family is a richer with a lot of generations so this is not too difficult. Thousand and then went to France with her husband to study by the cost families. Family self-painting paintings of regular pink letters. Husband painting, sculpture wife, they are a stylish couple in international students
In 1931, Tran Chi Tu gave birth to his first daughter. Later, often Letter Hong graduated and received a scholarship at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris. Many traders also want to cooperate with him to open the exhibition. Many people think that he will become a world-class oriental painter after a few years. The Fa, the painter family often lives in a mansion. His couple or party organizations, invite international students to talk to the house. Beauty, GU dressed as well as the unique way of talking Tran Chi Tu leaving a lot of profound impressions. Family came in Paris. They used to be a couple that all admired. About his wife and daughter. Everyone saw this is the perfect family of many people dreaming. But until 1936, after seeing a photo album in Don Hoang, he decided to return to China to study the painting here. Tran Chi Tu Opposition fiercely. She loved this romantic country and didn't want to rush back to the country. Message is most decided before and to Dunhuang (historical relics) to study. Tran Chi Tu and his daughter 1 year later about.Step when returning to the country and ending the final couple in the country, in contrast to what in Paris made Tran Chi Tu depressed. She is happy to go abroad, but I have to return to the water with severe wind and the lack of life in the Northwest China region. In this time, Tran Chi Tu gave birth to the second child, but the husband and wife was not as like old. The conditions in Don Hoang lacks this. This is his student, also doing research. They Trieu and Tran Chi Te talked much. His warmth made Tran Chi Tu vibrate. Both rushed into wrong love. At this time, she was 37 years old. Mường Lại Hồng Shock after being abandoned by his wife. At those days, the work of regular Letters is more difficult, family life adds more fractions. Tran Chi Tu Ha was determined to escape with the love. One time, Tran Chi Tu proposed to Lanzhou to see the disease. Because they are often busy, they summoned their accompanying decisions. At that time, the famous painter was happy because his wife had caregivers on the road.4 days later, a researcher made a common letter of Million sentenced to Tran Chi Tu. He brought to us often. At this point they often panicked but didn't find their wives anymore. Too tired plus mental shock, often letters fell in the desert and was found by the geological team, taken away. When I returned to Dunhuang, meet 2 kids with my back tears, the pain More. Tran Chi Tu is so romantic to the level of posting a divorce of divorce with usually Letter of Letters. The shocks come, often the lower letter is determined to attach to preserve the Heritage Hoang Hoang. He alone raises 2 children , days of achieving more achievements. Later, he remarried and had a happy life until the end of his life. Pink letters on the flower car for the second half of the year. After leaving, she married them million and lived on the income of young husbands. She also has a sophisticated life as old. Nice days don't last long, for many reasons they summoned to prison and nicklearly. If she normally she could still make a living with this profession, but she abandoned the three parents who often fell aspicly so I didn't

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