The Woman Suffered Because Of The New Appearance Of ‘cutlery’, Leaving The Letter: ‘mom Apologized’ And Suicide, The Hospital Attitude Provokes

Because I want to improve the appearance before going to my place, this woman thanks to 'cutlery' but everything is not as if you want to download: 00/2: 37 nam is the female Without having become more and more beautiful, plus a costly aesthetic surgery technology, the desire to improve her appearance is no longer a distant story. Recently, a woman (Family Park, 55) in Korea also relyed on "cutlery" to "prolonged the spring age" but finally chose to give me an extreme exponential because the results were not like I want.Theo MBC News reported on September 9, the Woman Park was committed suicide after leaving the letter with the content: "It's hard to continue this life. Mother never thought of cosmetic surgery It caused such a painful consequence "in April. It is known that Ms

. Park has undergone the surgery to lift the eyelids and compact the function at a cosmetic hospital in Gangnam District, Seoul 1 month before passing life. At that time, this woman was preparing to work at the new company so it was determined to "cutlery" to improve the appearance. This aesthetic hospital advertised that aesthetic surgery for women Middle-aged only 1 week can return to normal activities
However, Mrs. Park said after the surgery, she suffered an intense pain on her face, swelling and bruising was not relieved. Especially the eyes, Ms. Park could not afford or completely opened. According to Ms. Park's family, this woman went to the hospital to ask about her condition but the enemy just told her to go home to wait for the stain Great affordable without giving a method of handling. After surgery, Ms. Park has taken photos and sent to the acquaintance. These people said the woman was very sad because everything was not as expected. "It seems that my surgery is broken," "I really want to die," "with this face, it doesn't matter what to do
" Suffering with acquaintances. Before suicide, Ms. Park has left a letter to the family, with the following content: "Mom apologizes, this life is difficult. Mother never thought of cosmetic surgery It hurts this. Let's live well and happily. Mom apologize for being unable to continue to stay with me anymore ". PARK PARTICAL SECRETS Only the name and time to conduct the surgery. On the day of surgery, this place only filled in anesthetic injection information and even without basic records of the surgery details. After the unfortunate incident occurred with Ms. Park, the hospital fully explained the steps to perform cosmetic surgery for her and confirmed that the medical records no matter what the patriarchal medical examination of the disease Institute at the Family Family, proceed to initiate a hospital sue. According to Lawyer Son Young-Seo, the hospital violated the Health Act because there was no specific explanation with patients on surgery and not describing how it would be done.

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