The Words Of The Russian Bar ‘stage Queen Before Being Assassinated, 43 Years Later Told

After more than 40 years, the story revolves around the death of the late Qing reformist Russian artist has made many viewers' shiver minh'.0: 00/5: domain 04Nu NamNhac to try artists Thanh Nga, outside image "banyan tree of" the opera stage with the title "queen stage" the decade 1960 - 1970, the tragic fate of her hitherto caused much obsessed with Dr. Thanh Nga nguoi.Nghe died on 26 / 11/1978, 43 years ago right on the road with her husband when the child returned home after the end of the show plays reformed Queen Duong Van Nga. Meanwhile, her family was two bad guys attacked, threatened to kidnap his son but failed

. Then, two names that fired shot dead husband Thanh Nga artists down on the spot, but she died at the hospital. The departure of women artists rocked the country ay.Nghe Dr
Thanh Nga time away at the age of 36 when at the height of his career. In 1984, she was posthumously awarded the title of State Honored Artist. In 2015, her name was given to a street in District 9, TPHCM.Nhieu years later, the sudden departure of the "queen stage" one time was mentioned. Recently, in a program, the People's Artist Snow White had the opportunity to recount the memories about the late artist Thanh Nga, disclosure statement as forecasts about the fate of her time there ay.Theo, People's Artist Snow White recalled bizarre behavior hitherto imprinted in her memory each time thinking about the tragic death of men chi.Dung grave incident Thanh Nga artist, People's artist Snow White says: "Everything is printed in my memory, for every phenomenon that suddenly appeared again makes me uneasy, confused, even painful, unforgettable ".NSND Snow said:" I was remembering a conversation I had with Ms. Thanh Nga. she Thanh Nga died on 11
26.1978, during the night. At 6 months earlier, her sister Ngoc Thanh Nga by Feeding find a household to worship Guanyin Buddha statue. then, she erected a church where Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva Tat.Truoc that Ms. Thanh Nga never talked about Buddhist shrine with everyone, so everyone by surprise. before the assassination, Ms. Thanh Russia still talk to me before the theater door, I remembered the saying chi.Dac of special, evening before the assassination, Ms. Thanh Nga still performed the play 'Queen Duong Van Nga' and gestures, acting very strange. Her blush divided into each bag and then give you a dancer in the group and said: 'Bit more people to sing with you? Her singing along to Pluto hear him laugh too heaven nhe'.Moi land too, thought it was only verbal play, nobody expected then happened troi.Chi Thanh Nga action which never out of the theater plays with the audience singing along. She also never wait for people of all, the new theater is deserted last. But that evening, Ms. Thanh Nga on very fast, the audience interrupted to go. Then she the car home, only to be assassinated in front. After hearing Ms. Thanh Nga assassination, during the first week I kept ignoring the sky people dangling raccoon, can not be explained. I too pressing, kept asking why such fate "Photo rarely .Buc old Snow White and the People's Artist Thanh Nga artist took with Snow White nhau.NSND also revealed her mother tried the same age as the artist Thanh Russia. the two were lost at around 11 pm because of an accident on the road. She experiments that: "Looks like every person we reach this world is available on an appointment as on that day, that hour to come here for the train back to where he had come "if the People's artist Snow White obsessed sister saying before he died, the son of the late artist Thanh Nga imprinted memories as evidence is parents were shot in front of him. the artist Ha Linh - son of "queen stage" - then 5 years old, sitting next to her on the bus, in front of whose father was driving and a defense si.Hinh family photo artist Thanh Nga incident with her husband and son. After many years, Ha Linh could not forget his horrible night when both father and me.Thoi take corrective bad people threatened at gunpoint, Thanh Nga you hide the son then took cover behind l Israel to keep the child's life. Recall the saying before the loss of her mother, artist Ha Linh said: "Witnessing my father was shot, she said: 'Dad is dead, the mother her child dies as father alone'." In memory of loved ones, behind aura stage, artist Thanh Nga is a mother, wife, resourceful, loving husband and children. Ha Linh as a kid regularly took her mother away. At the stage mother, he is in the running chicken wings, naughty to sweat. Ending the night in the house is usually more than 10 pm, instead can wash it clean, he feigned sleep to be mother pampered. "I was very tired but the first thing is always taken towel compresses warm water washed me clean, pre-mixed bottle to bed early and new mother dressed and wipe away makeup. " According to Ha Linh, his mother pet son that once he has a cold, she feared the pain should take the cotton to scrape wind instead of aluminum or silver spoons. "At that time everyone is laughing at home but my mother ignored all by mother scared me pain", Russian artist son Thanh Ha Linh ke.Nghe officers appeared on the show "Happy Memories", recounts the formation photo left in his memories about me.Trong a program, artist Ha Linh said: "for

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