The Young People Go To Work At Home For Too Long, Income Decreases

In contrast to the first time working at home for fun, comfortable, many people acknowledge the strength because they cannot divide time for work with private life.0: 00/4: 22nam Northern Northern days, I just studied online, both business online health care products so the work is busy. In particular, the demand of customers to buy customers is increasing in recent weeks, making me stronger strives. Dad, when at home all day, I have a condition to focus more, but feel Reduce performance in work. The limit of space and moves makes me easier to be depressed and opposite negative energy, especially when moderately facing revenue pressure, just worry about submitting exercises On the school

. If you stretch yourself to balance learning and trading. In addition, freight to buyers in the moment the disease is very difficult. Many of my orders cannot be delivered to the guest hand and must return it
I have to suffer more about money. Fortunately, customers still understand and sympathize. Before the city performed in Directive 16, I can still get out to breathe or change the work location to regain the spirit. But at this time, I spent a small yoga time fund to release negative energy every afternoon, cooking cooking more nutritious and sharing, chatting with friends, relatives. Fortunately when I was working with colleagues who maintained positive spirit. Thanks to them, I myself felt more energy to strive to work. So far, I worked at home for more than 3 months. At that time it was enough to make me miss the company and want to go to work again. For me, working at home is more inconvenient and stressful. Instead of the end of the shift at 17:00, I often get up from the desk when the clock has scored 19h, even 21-22h
lans you remember the time to work directly on the company. If you go to work at the company , I can temporarily work at work when the shift ends to return to the family. However, when doing at home, I am often caught up by work, trying to resolve, don't want to be bad to the next day. Also, since some people ask for a job at the company in this epidemic, me Multiple heads must be received. The whole day in front of the computer for many hours, plus communication, exchanging parts in the company is difficult, I feel more stressed and tired than before. At that time, income was declining due to the influence of disease. These days, I missed the air to work on the company. Work stress somewhat soothed thanks to colleagues at the edge of chat, mixing or inviting each other to place office snacks on office. Although stress, work at home also brings certain benefits give me. I have time to take care of my little family, especially when my husband and wife are married in early May. Moreover, we can protect your health thanks to limited contact with many people. She has 2 small children, including a 5-year-old baby and a baby for more than 6 months old, I have much harder when I work at home. Every day, I have to combine parallel between housework and child care with the completion of the assigned company tasks. Although 8h has just went to do, I woke up from 6 hours to breastfeed and make breakfast. After that, I enlisted 9h down to cook porridge for my child and prepared before the raw material to cook lunch for the family of 6 adults. About 12h, I worry about cooking, eating and cleaning, worrying for two children to nap, then Re-work again. When I woke up, I asked her father to look after them to complete the job. The page felt that she was more flushing after months of not working. Loop for the family, I just had to ensure the energy Workflow. During this disease, work is less difficult, especially recruiting people to the project and ensuring the schedule of assignments. Because of that, compared to work on the company, working at home than. Previously, I just had to take care of my house and take care of my children from 18h onwards. I also felt more than before, worried that I was no longer wearing office clothes. There's a bit bored because it is restricted to social communication, working at home to help me have time to complete Small baby nursing. I also save time moving, less face with hot sunshine and traffic jam. Also, I have a parent who helps one hand to look after two children and support learning to the big. As a result, I can focus on completing the work of the company entrusted. I like to read books and work at home more out, so it is restricted to space in the moment the disease does not make it difficult to me. However, the problem makes me the most headache "eat meals, worry about meals". Before the disease, I left the position of an IT staff of a company to become freelancer to pursue external projects. At that time, I still owned income. However, the number of contracts decreased, causing me to become more stressful, worried about losing revenue. Nguyen tried to find revenue in the epidemic. Programmer work, I was still kin

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