Theerathon Announced With Thailand Championship Aff Cup

Theerathon Bunmathan was happy to be summoned with Thailand towards the goal of conquering the title at AFF Cup 2020. "I had some conversations with Mano Polking since he became the team leader. They I want to create something special. I want to contribute to Thailand to win the AFF Cup. It is a gift for Thai football fans in the New Year, "Theerathon Bunmathan said on Matichon

.Theo Thai Communications, Theerathon is happy to be called back to the Thailand, preparing for AFF Cup 2020. Yokohama's left-back wants to join the AFF Cup team to atone for fans.Theerathon increases Strengthen the left wing for Thailand at AFF Cup 2020
Photo: Minh Chien. Corn in June 2021, theerathon was summoned with Thailand to prepare for 3 second round of World Cup 2022 in Asia . However, he refused to wear a "elephant" shirt due to concerns about losing the main stone rates at the Japanese club. This made him the focus of fans' criticism. Also, theerathon also talked about rumors to Europe playing balls: "My dream is always played in J.League. I was 31 years old And Europe is not an ideal place. J.League has helped much for the development of Thai football. "24/11, Thai Football Federation announced a list of 30 AFF Cup player
Family stars who are absent from AFF Cup 2018 are goalkeeper Kawin Thammasatchanan, defender Theerathon Bunmathan, midfielder Chanathip Songkrasin, striker Teerasil Dangda is summoned.Aff Cup 2020 is an important solution for Thailand, after The failure in the World Cup qualifiers. This is also the launch of new polking coach. Thailand has not been unable to meet the army, and it is expected that the players have about 7 days of practicing together, before AFF Cup kicks play. Now, the clubs of Thai League are still playing until the end of November 28. "Battle" is expected to fly to Singapore on 29/11. At AFF Cup 2020, Thailand recruits in Table A with Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore and Timor-Leste. They have a match against Timor-Leste on 5/12.duy minh

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