There Are Better Conditions, Why Mars Cannot Form Life?

A recent analysis of Mars showed that this planet was even more wet than the Earth, but because of different conditions, unable to form and maintain life. : 27 Namtheo new study of the Procedes of the National Academy of Sciences, a Washington University's organization in St. Louis (USA), Mars 4 billion years ago was determined to be more wet than the fruit The soil, but the smaller the size of a stone object, the more difficult to own chemical and atmospheric conditions to retain water. High-level fake, Dr. Kun Wang, researcher at the Faculty Earth and planet learning at Washington University in St

. Petersburg Louis said: "The fate of Mars has been decided from the beginning. There may be a threshold of the size of the stone planets to keep enough new water that can support life and tectonic arrays, with volume exceeding the mass of Mars ". Fire fire is about 4 billion years Previously
(Photo: M.Kornmesser / ESO) The study showed that scientists used the stable isotope of potassium to estimate the presence, distribution and abundance of volatile elements on Different planetics. They decided to use potassium as a substance that marks elements and compounds more volatile, such as water. This is a relatively new method with previous efforts This is aimed to use potassium rates collected with remote sensing and chemical analysis to determine the amount of evaporatives that Mars ever have. By this approach, they determine that Mars lost many potassiums and flight substances Slightly different than the earth in the process of formation, but retains more volatiles than the moon and a 10 Vesta asteroid, 2 small and drier objects compared to Earth and Mars. The author, Dr. Katharina Lodders, also from the Earth and the planet at the University of Washington, said: "The discovery of the correlation of potassizating components with gravity of the planet is a medical examination New breakdown means important quantitative about the moment and how different planets receive and lose their volatiles ". Through the measurement of the isotope of evaporation elements, such as potassium, It is possible to deduce the volatile exhaust level of large volume planets and compares between different cellars in the solar system. "The indispensable that had had liquid water on the Mars surface, but The total amount of water in the total Mars once has it is difficult to quantify only through remote sensing and explorer studies, "said Dr. Wang stressed
" There are many models for the content of Mars very large . One of them showed that the early Mars was even more wet than the earth. We do not believe it is completely capable.Lan Anh (according to Sci-News)

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