There Are Desperate Days, Me And Life Forgiven Each Other

Love in his music is the violent emotions like breaking the blind heart, like a long painful death, like a wound expansion ... life is nothingness, people live in the scene of God , Buddha removed humanity. Life is a crowd but is also a restaurant

. People are tired dusty sand, how many years do human life, suddenly one-dimensional white hair like lime ..
All says the late, painful ... sad for human identity so grass branch Farmer, the slab is also troubled, and only rain and rain to appease the big open wound! (...) .. Those are the words that musician Pham Duy commented on Trinh Ca. Mội Trinh Cong Son was born in 1939 in Dak Lak, died on April 1, 2001
20 years he left the temporary realm, his songs were always a feature that could not be mentioned when talking about Vietnamese music. He left his fortune more than 600 songs, of which about 236 songs were popular. Trinh Cong Son music has just penetrates the philosophy, humanities, and a great soul, passionate, is a great love for people, Vietnam's homeland and praising peace. Public paint is also a Vietnamese musician Extensive international influence. He was mentioned by the International Community and the International Community as "Bob Dylan of Vietnam" (BBC), "The most loved musician in Vietnam" (The Washington Post). Trinh Cong Son is the first Vietnamese musician with a music product released in the Japanese market with songs that are favorite audiences such as Diem and Mother's knife. More than two million albums sold in Japan for many years I demonstrated the success of Trinh music in this country. The Malautement of Trinh also left many confidences such as meaningful dreams of life and life Human: "There are extreme despair days, and I and my life forgiven each other. From the people who live too cheap, I know that glory is just a lie. I have nothing to worship apart The despair and heart of content. Go to the end of despair to see despair is as beautiful as a flower. I don't want to encourage the asceticism, but each of us try to live at the same time. Win, just a fault. The honor has brought us out of life to bring us to the arenas. "

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