There Are Lukaku, Chelsea Fans Claim To Chase Werner

Timo Werner striker was asked by a Chelsea fans while German players were practicing on the field. The reason why this fans wanted to be because Chelsea owned the Romelu Lukaku striker from Inter Milan.0: 00/1: 56 NAMTIMO Werner in the recent training session, Chelsea allowed a fans to visit. Timo Werner became the center of discussion on the stands when fans received questions from BLV. While the BLV was interviewing the results in the London derby between Arsenal and Chelsea, a fan suddenly robbed the microphone and spoke this Werner

.fan's words to be a public sound system of Stamford. Bridge: "Chase Werner out of the club". This "message" immediately caught attention to Chelsea players and the audience on the field
Many fans are present, uncomfortable and instantly criticized this excessive action. BTC Stamford Bridge then invited fans "to the mouth" to leave the field. The practice continues normally, but Werner has a psychological affected or not anyone who is sure. Werner joined Chelsea from Leipzig in the summer of 2020 for £ 53 million. He had difficulties in the first season but also 12 goals and had 15 assists after 52 appearances. Due to Werner criticized by him often miss delicious opportunities to eat. Now, when Romelu Lukaku returns to Stamford Bridge, Werner will have to do his best to protect the place. In Tuchel's current 3-4-3 diagram, there will be two positions for other members to compete behind Lukaku. As in the game Chelsea won Palace, Pulisic kicked the left wing and Mount played the opposite corridor. This day a few days, Chelsea recruited Lukaku successfully for 115 million euros (£ 97
5 million) from Inter. Belgian striker became the most expensive contract in West London club history, surpassing Kai Havertz for £ 71 million in the summer of last year. Lukaku's debut scheduled this weekend when Chelsea be made first Arsenal in the British Premier Round on August 22 and I will wear a shirt number 9. According to Khuong Thuong / Bongdaplus

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