There Is A Fall In Love On Fansipan Flowers

In September, Sa Pa was happy, the terraced fields turned miraculously, iridium such as Kim Sa, the colors of colors brilliantly, stretching from the foot of the mountain to the top of Fansipan during the rattan season. , Dew town went on her new, warm, radiant wing. The whole heavenly frame was dyed in the sun in the sun and softened. The terraced rice fields are heavy with heavy rice on the blue sky. Looking at Sa Pa, wandering throughout hills, a remote village, to understand why the terraces are like a masterpiece of Son Charge forest

. And Muong Hoa Valley is the place where the roads of beautiful terraced terraces, the largest of Sa Pa. From above Looking down, layered terraced fields, making the whole valley of Muong Hoa basin like one The lake area with a golden wave layer is mazaric. Every mix of waves from the dream of the new ripe ripe rice to the gold of rice, rice and rice is a single houses in the fragile smoke, the flower stream in veo, curving among the golden colors Membership
There are many years ago, every year of ripe rice season is a rice hunter, cloudy hunting is like being abandoned, just wearing a backpack, even if the urban flower is busy? . Also for many years, people are default, watching Muong Hoa terraced fields from Fansipan cable car is an enchanting emotion. Price like, no epidemic, perhaps this hour, all over the network has flooded the image of the golden waves of rice in that beautiful valley. In Fansipan, Sapa is now not only cloudy, with rice . Lacking the ball of visitors, the colorful flowers in the Sun World Fansipan Legend tourist area are still being taken by the traveler here, to expand the magic, brilliantly from the foot of the mountain, on the hills and hills The peak area, where before, people still thinks no flowers except Do Quyen can live. The Fansipan cable car station is now a giant rose valley of 5 hectares, with more than 120,000 roots Brings together 150 Vietnamese and world roses such as Hong Neck Sa Pa, Hong Tuong Vi, Hong Que Son or infrared varieties of Juliet, Mon Coeur, Society, St.Alban ... Roses in Sun World Fansipan Legend Beautifully strangely, sharper, big cotton and longer hatching time
Purple pink shows off the aisle, red roses in the new sunny sun, white pink e hatching in the frost, yellow gold lovers on the stone wall, the whole kingdom of roses, as beautiful as the fairy sound Blooming, desire to wait for laughter and footsteps of tourists. Going to the roses valley, get lost to the flowers with immensely affected flowers like endless. 15ha Purple flowers are still grown by the tourist area, cultivated, waiting for the day to welcome guests. Fansipan's long-lasting purple flowers have become "brand" of Fansipan's own weaving, a dreamy purple carpet, thoughts between Fansipan mountains, making visitors remember the scenery like the flower area Lavender place France far away from this day this day is like a giant flower garden of Sa Pa. The yellow wood daisy garden, the bright red cannon covered the hills, the tail flower stretched on the area of 1.5ha dyed on a whole corner of the sky. September is the moment of blooming floral flowers, the pink floral beams are mixed with light purple, white textile so both a flower in a hypnosis of looks.bao around the paradise of roses, purple flowers, tail is Gentle purple and rice lewd flowers only seen in Da Lat, now hatching warm red orange from the foot of the mountain to the top of Fansipan, where how many years now, people do travel here Thickness brings enough flowers about planting incubators to fail. Leaving the rice to live and blooms in the area year-round winding wind, that fog, which is a strike. Surfing cable car is watching Muong Hoa Valley of ripe ripes, walking between flowers and flowers, Watching the rice hatching between gold collection on the peak of the arrogant Fansipan, between the four flowing and experiencing surpluses, now like a luxury. Appointment with Fansipan a day not far away, when peaceful, out of translation.

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