There Is A ‘forest Man’ In The City

Danang has a beautiful bridge but always absent person: Nguyen Van Troi. Iron bridge from the French colonial period, this silhouette is stored as history went through the city. On demand, usually in the evenings echo laughter, singing guitar sound of the group of young people. But almost nobody knows under a bridge with a guy 19 years old gentle is to salad each day hang on faith in love in life .

.. 0: 00/8: 17Nu domain NamClau Industry - names like say fate your. Born and raised in the mountains of Nam Giang - Quang Nam, he left home "bushwalking" from the age of 15 no identity card, no identification, wandering from Saigon and then in Gia Lai do enough job then under bridges Nguyen Van Troi is where he lived while in Danang
Clau Industrial I met the first time in April this year Industrial 2021.Truoc ever brought wealth in the orphanage for street children but boy Cotu can not adapt to life which should have confined away to wandering. Here he meets Hai "Crazy", a wanderer like you. According to him since he was often irritable when someone goes down under the bridge of two people living space. A madman, a wandering child, two lean on each other lives to live. Some time later he Hai "disappeared", leaving the helpless boy Enterprise under this bridge. "Maybe he was one catch in the asylum", Industry ke.Khi people living at the bottom of this society, money is not everything. First pull the man got up probably the belief in life fresh more beautiful, faith in the good things in your heart. the things that led me through the pitfalls of life
"Nearly mud but does not stink of mud" - that is the question that I have for Enterprise after many meetings, game story. no alcohol, no tobacco, no drugs or vices does. Sometimes people invite him to play "grass" but he refused because he really did not want to get involved in things perverted wealth bo.Khi sunset, Industrial back out because he could not sleep under the sound from guitar sound, singing, laughter from above the bridge. Leave the "house" little to other places to sleep, to reach 12 midnight when the drinking on the bridge tan done, Professional on it scratched the cans, plastic bottles ... Then wander the alleys of the city for furniture scrap, scrap. This is also his main source of income for the past day. 'On the day for 20-30 thousand people suddenly have to add 2.3 to cans, so life is even more difficult ", Industry ke.'Tet, I gathered dozens of cans, but they can buy cans festival where should she usually goes to a temple to take fruit. A New Year on January this year I thought down the other shrines have fruit one expected 600 thousand, so I took only "innocent laugh Karma. Fun kids found money cau.Bua shone eyes he could not eat 3 meals a day full as those peers. Sometimes bread, sometimes out of money, the food residue left by others, sometimes to collect fruit. These things are enough to him alive. Seasonal epidemic did not earn the designation can pick up bottles, but also would not be the last meal, with fasting, has never been saturated. "But once the secret too nothing to eat I opened the trash." I was dumbfounded because life young people today, many young people rarely think that to make a living of people like Clau Nghiep.Toi hesitate to ask about the child's family, father of the current where knowing whether his son wandered in this foreign land they feel like. In response to me was a story from her mother Nghiep'Bo broke up at the new children 1 and 2 years old something. Dad did not care about me much where each time and see him still beat me. as a child, he beat me more maybe even throw me out into the street again, at that time my mother thought you die then, but surely they have luck large number large networks. Did not support themselves while rated themselves. Only the mother beaten, I never speak again. the home has 3 brothers, now the children have more one brother anymore. In the past 2 brother stepbrother, now add 1 brother Kids never met, her mother had three husbands. She used to b Kids home virtual farming in Nam Giang shared with her mother, but she said not to, wait when you earn then on ".- Earn How much? - 10 trieu.- Then on which Enterprise will what to do with 10 trieu.- I do not know about 10 million open wifi café adding local brothers at home playing games you want to play the net to run on remote town with a baby lam.Doi hunger meal, full meal then 10 million also have built enough the dreams kept under cau.Hang night electric light into the eye every boy woven laminated onto the beautiful dream of the great things about the future, about the belief in the things under song.Moi Clau Industrial bridges are picked from all places, sometimes on the bridge, on the road, ... there are many days I was sitting talking to him, then suddenly found thrown down the garbage from the bridge right next to it. Over time if he does not move down here perhaps also a garbage dump! Because consciousness only because of the way in which they throw rubbish not far also quite a dustbin. There are things other people throw away but became useful to him, to decorate the bridge this monotony. Everything here is where he picked up from enough, then arrange

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