There Is A Great Way To Make Salt Cabbage Only 1 Day Is Edible, Easy And Delicious!

Salt cabbage is easy to do, fast and extremely 'roll'. If you have bored with boiled vegetables, stir-fry, cook, try changing your family! 0:00 / 2: 52 Nouthern region of raw materials1. Cabbage 800gr2. 200gr3 carrot. 1 tangle of vegetables need water (not required) 4

. 1 tangle of vegetables, 1 little green onions (not required) 5. Salt, sugar, garlic, ginger consumer quality6. Clean glass jars, disinfecting sour salt cabins are familiar dishes in Vietnamese rice trays
This is a vegetable dish that offers a lot of health benefits such as preventing cancer, improving the digestive system, helping blood to circulate well, firmly bones, anti-inflammatory, reducing cholesterol. Homes at home against epidemic, around walking Only a few vegetables. Boiling, frying, cooking is also bored, so why don't you try to make salt cabbage to pick up the whole family? This vegetable dish is accompanied by salty dishes such as fleshy meat, boiled sausage, grilled frying ... will help the whole family feel like being taken, the rice is extremely! Salt cabbage is easy to do, fast, so quickly eat. Sisters refer to how to make salt cabbage below! Choose raw materials - delicious cabbage often holding hands, heavy weight, braided leaves, scrubbing, tip of thick cabbage, self-contained, small stalks. Cabbage leaves are light blue, blue white. Don't be yellow, withered, stamped, or deepened.- Carrots have a straight shape, smooth on the outer shell, bright carrot color, holding the hand, hard, heavy, salt water for water into the pot Along with salt, sugar and stir well
Turn on the stove for boiling salted water, turn off the kitchen, let it cool down. Protection of raw materials - cabbage buys about you remove deep and stamped leaves (if any). Add cabbage duples vertically. Crown the cornstarest brass into small fibers about 2-4mm. Next soak with thin salt water for about 10 minutes then rinse again, drain. - Carrot shells, rinse with fibrobs. Vegetables picked up the leaves and non-young, washed and threw. You can add vegetables to water to increase taste for melons.- Peeled garlic sliced. Ginger shaved clean shells, Thai fibers. Onions are washed and cut. The corner of the corn melon replenished cabbage with vegetables, carrots, onions together. Don't forget ginger and garlic has been prepared in the above. Then put the vegetables into the glass jar. Pouring the salt water that dilutes the same for melon. Use bamboo sticks to the melon on the melon or can use the tool to compress for melons always flooded in salt water. So melon will be more sour. It is only about one day to eat. After half a day, you can open and the melon island once and continue to cover the closure to help melon quickly and sour even more. Salt cabbage has sweet and sweet sourness, crispy and light aromatic taste. When dotting with spicy fish sauce is good to know! Above is how to make salted cabbage "change" for the family while bored with boiled, stir-fried dishes ... The secret is very simple? Wish everyone successfully with how to make salt cabbage!

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