There Is A Very Familiar Saigon In Nostalgia But These Days People Remember Hoai

Saigon always has special things that anyone who has fallen to this place feels extremely simple, close and warm. There is a lot of love and kindness spread between people, with little cute everyday. They all become extremely lively, colorful and interesting through the extremely lovely painting of this city.0: 00/4: 58 nam of the southern days of these days, suddenly feel strange when one The city capital made people fascinated by his hustle, bustle, now sinking into the air im fallen, empty. It looks "quiet" that makes people remember to know how to make a crowded life, a daily bustling, from a corner of the sidewalk, the bars are filled with the scent, the smell of fragrant barbecue,

... to these The rustic street workers are old, worn old
With the passion to pursue the design industry, the Optical Student Student has connected a group of friends to participate in drawing and implementing a set of paintings about life and children Saigon people. All authors of this Ministry of Painting are unprofessional, daytime and daily people in painting. There, there are paintings of 10-year-old children, students, international students, and even 60 years old. The current project has about 50 sketches, done since June, when Sai Gon in the early days of distance. Share the process of implementing the Ministry of Paintings, Quang Tam: "The most fun and interesting memorial is after collecting paintings and writing content for each picture. For me, this is quite difficult because I'm not Saigon people, need to find a circuit to link all the story with each other. Write, I have to just check the dictionary of Saigon people's dictionary to be close and honest. You are in the West It means to give me a lot of words to hear the southern material. So behind the picture, we also have many happy memories together, and thanks to the paintings that we reduce anxiety, thinking in the epidemic season. " Optical increases with different prisms and views, but sometimes are still lem, but it is the most sincere feel of each person to Saigon
Please enjoy it! Culture sidewalk, which makes Saigon extremely lively, close and interesting. The street bars have come into the life of how many generations as an indispensable part. It could be a roadside water counter, where she sat resting to avoid sunshine, welding and made a cup of cool ice tea Mr. Loc.Valentine, which makes Saigon extremely lively, close and interesting. The street bars have come into the life of how many generations as an indispensable part. It could be a roadside water counter, where he sat away to rest the sun, welded and made a cup of cool ice tea he geeseed. The cyclo trips are associated with memories, 3.4 are the passes Through the shady roads, the sound of the car, the sound of the safe, the speech is swirled between the streets of the street. Then occasionally sit back, doing a fresh coconut is delicious. I am always noisy, noisy, crowded, bucket ... but there from morning to night never stop laughter, or sentences The three-year story is funny. The Saigon people hustle, the afternoon, to compete with a car to stop the market to buy vegetables, but not in coffee with coffee like in the countryside. So you know what you want, leaving vegetables in each other, every 10 thousand, buying quickly, from worrying about traffic jams. The bunch of 10 thousand vegetables, but the smile is free, the child gets a lot of money. Then the worms for the day, the apron was not enough to buy a small piece of meat at home, worried not enough to pay tuition for the big. The days of Saigon poured rain, the guests where to suck the crowded season, sitting in a sad hum in a corner because selling the whole day but only a lot of money, not much. We have a lot of different points, but there is a passion. Maze, forever existed, forever prospered for the coated cake. - She, giving me a box of multiple rice paper, many topping that money "u like carefully" Nha! - Monkey wind, demons ! Bread - Saigon specialty. Starting from French baguette drives to Vietnam to eat with Pate from the beginning of the 20th century, Saigon people have improved into a famous worldwide dish. Bread sausage, barbecue bread, tiny bread ... Oh delicious fire! And it is from street robes, the budget trolleys on every road, the uncle have silently create a common culture everywhere everywhere named Bread. Aan Gon is also home of a lot of complete The unlucky scene gets a full body. They still live, still silently work, and contribute like all other ordinary children of the city. Without dreaming, the unexpectedly wishes to have health so every day can dance to raise themselves and families. And Saigon is always full of sense when never forgotten them. Every time a difficult situation needs to be shared, the community will join hands to help. The prostried from the orphaned hearts, when he grew up, he was a lot of injuries (he was damaged, No legs, and 4 fingers). Although outside 60, H

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