There Is No Link Between The New Covid-19 Variant And The Movie ‘omicron’ Produced In 1963

On social networks to spread the news that the film 'Omicron' production in 1963 predicted the evolution of the latest variants of SARS-CoV-2 virus has been discovered in South Africa. However, the above statement is completely wrong that.0: 00/1: domain 34Nu NamBai posted news about variations false Social Omicron Facebook.Thong truyenMot news spread all Facebook account recently published a photograph screen summary information about the movie "Omicron" reads the contents: "Omicron is a film was produced in 1963, tells the story of an alien (a demon) taken possession humans and finally conquered the whole humanity. Sounds familiar? "In the comment section below the post, an account holder other that the name of the new variant Covid-19 is set in a science fiction movie in 1963

.Kiem chungTrong meeting on 26 / 11, the world Health Organization (WHO) decided to name the new strain of SARS virus variable-CoV-2 is Omicron according to a letter in the Greek alphabet Lap.Mo film describes Omicron (1963), page body database online on world cinema IMDb writes film about an alien take over a person's body to earth to learn about this planet, to then race he could invade Left dat.Dai presence of the release of the film, LCJ Editions, also confirmed to Reuters that the film about an invasion of aliens, and has no relation to any kind of message virus nao
Khang dinhThong posted on social networks is untruthful. There is no link between the new variant Covid-19 and the film "Omicron" produced in 1963.

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