There Is No Need To Diet With A Tight Waist But Why Didn’t Momo Be Happy?

Many people guessed that Momo practiced hardworking, strictly dieting, so there was always firm abdominal muscles. But it turns out that belly fat never dares to meet Momo for another secret, making women Idol sad more than Fun.00: 00/1: 21 Southern men and women Idol with the most beautiful belly muscles K-POP today It is indispensable for Momo. Twice's main dance legs owned a flat belly without excess fat, the number 11 abdomen showed.Momo once said that she practiced very hard, daily practice daily should get such an ideal waist

. Also thanks to continuous movement, Momo eats quite comfortably, eating a lot compared to other idols without worrying about weight gain. Noweon is also seen when Momo doesn't have to worry about eating, but Ever fall into the scene with a bread waist or reveals the belly fat when wearing a waist or hugging clothes. But Momo still has its own suffering
It was a layer of fat without the waist but went down to the thighs, making it possible to have a long slender legs like many other colleagues. Real Momo has a slender legs very small. In return, Momo's legs are very firm, helping her a beautiful style and still praised by Netizen as a beautiful shape. Like Momo is also troublesome because of how to practice, the thighs are not small. So in an entertaining show, Momo given that between having a bread waist and poor legs, she chose a waistline, because "belly may be small, the thigh is extremely difficult".

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