There Was A National Standard Cruise Surveillance Camera

After the Ministry of Science and Technology (science and technology) promulgate national standards TCVN13396 on camera surveillance cameras and the Ministry of Transport (Transport) issue 3rd documents to urge the transportation enterprise on the vehicle Dinh 10 / CP, Vietnam Automobile Transportation Association has a document urging the transport units urgently installing the camera before December 31, 2021 and the CAMERA must meet the national standard TCVN13396.Thi 2020 / ND-CP prescribes vehicle vehicles to install cameras, facilitating suppliers of equipment participating in the market, technology innovation applications to meet regulations, prices and substances Navigation camera number. Competition rules help consumers benefit, the installation price of hardware equipment from 10-12 million VND / car has dropped to only about 3-5 million VND / car. 4/11/2021, Ministry of Science and Technology issued the national standard TCVN13396 on the journey surveillance camera. In order to be certified, the product must cross the stage of quality measurement of quality assessment and in accordance with Decree 10 / CP, and related documents

. Accordingly, businesses, driving transport only need to choose to buy certified products TCVN13396, instead of buying advertising companies or must refer to many legal documents for installation decisions. Camera GSHT on passenger car. Installing cameras according to TCVN13396 will optimize and save for a long time, by integrating 4G technology monitoring equipment (GSHT), so there is no need to use the old 2G GSHT device installed
Therefore, just maintain a 4G SIMCARD card, only 1 device must be warranted, reduced to avoid battery damage and fuel loss, upcoming 2G cutting network is not affected. Besides, many businesses Transportation is waiting for standards to issue and choose. After the national standards TCVN13396, transport enterprises will be assured and installed the camera on time before December 31, 2021 according to regulations. The trend in the market today: discrete and integrated. The discrete trend must use 2 vehicle devices, including a removable camera and 1 GSHT device. Due to using 2 devices, the battery is harmed, using 2 SIMs should be maintained ... upcoming, 2G wave cutting operators, the transport enterprise must once again lose the GSHT equipment upgrade fee to 4G. Therefore, TCVN13396 follows the integrated trend, only installing a single device on the vehicle, so overcoming the above disadvantages
This is an inevitable trend. Replacing the above practice, representatives of Binh Anh Electronic Technology Development Co., Ltd, the unit coordinated with the Ministry of Transport and providing GSHT camera equipment, said that the GSHT camera product The research and supply unit is the first product to be certified for national standards TCVN13396. The camera product "BA-Smartcamera uses a set of 3 processors, GNSS and 4G Qualcomm of the US, using SSD memory, has a 24-month warranty period. The device connects to a variety of camera collections with basic resolution: 720p, 1080p and extended type: 2k, 4k, depending on the level of investment, transmission and storage costs ". Early installation of the camera GSHT TCVN13396 National standards are now urgent requirements for enterprises and driving transport vehicles, contributing to improving the efficiency of transport management of state management agencies and ensuring traffic safety , thereby drawing, limiting traffic accidents. Paint / News

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