There Will Be A Day ‘more Dong Market, Funny Ben Thanh Market’

With many miniates of Ben Thanh market, this is their second home. Faith in the day not far from the market, the market will 'get back' to be sent, the expectation of small businesses. People choose to buy food at Ben Thanh Market Thuong Ben Thanh Market expect a day "Dong Dong is happy again "After nearly 3 months closed to suspend activities to the disease prevention, Ben Thanh Market - one of the symbols of Ho Chi Minh City (District 1) opened the business back. When on October 7, at Ben Thanh Market, Ms. Tran Thi Thanh Thuy (Small thundersteal seafood) always preliminarily for guests

. "I have just sold directly, just selling online. Guests know I just go to the market, I suppose enthusiastically. We take seafood from Binh Dien market, selling extremely soft prices to customers to buy" - Ms
Thuy said. Going to the market, there must be a "Green Card" certified with Covid-19, medical declaration by scanning QR codes. If you do not know technology, guests can bring a shut-out certificate to get into shopping market. "The market began to open from 3/10 to small business to clean up, rearrange booths and merchants Sell back. Up to now, there have been 79 / 1,443 small injuries that operate again. The small injuries have 2 vaccine with Covid-19 vaccine, simultaneously 3-day test / time at the market. in the market, in the market The direct sales area equipped with disinfecting water and shot drops "- Representative of Ben Thanh Market Management Board said. Commercial food industry has prepared fresh products every day to serve the area Eating has also had some stalls reopened, serving "sold out" even though not many stalls reopened, but just a lighthouse, the market as a market like flushing to life. Baby tea has more than 40 Year sold at Ben Thanh Market. This is the oldest tea shop in the market, getting a lot of domestic and foreign tourists to enjoy
Truong Thi Tuyet Trinh - The owner of Baby Tea: "Many years of trading in the market, sometimes But never faced difficulties like the past 2 years. However, when we know the market reopened, we were all happy, registering business again. Now it has not discussed the loss, but just to go to the market , Being bright, there are guests coming back to me then surely "Market Add East, Cho Thanh Thanh" as before is not far away ". Some stalls are still unattended, but some people come to clean up. It is expected that the market will add more stalls to reopen in the next few days. Essay industries, stalls such as fashion, confectionery, shoes, handicrafts have not been opened by the market management board again. According to Ben Thanh Market Management Board, this is only a startup step, if the Safety Office of the Department of Translation will be opened in the next stock in the coming time.

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