Thermal Body Meter Helps Prevent Covid-19 Epidemic During The High School Graduation Exam

At 3 high school graduation exam scores in Hoan Kiem District (Hanoi) have placed automatic body temperature meters for all contestants to the exam. This program is funded by Hoan Kiem District to prevent exam scores in order to prevent Covid-19.0: 00.0p2: 55Then Southeast 3 exam scores such as Viet Duc High School, Tran Phu and Nguyen Du Secondary School, Hiface Heat Body Meter will Proceed to measure body temperature for all contestants to ensure that the contestants have an unusual body temperature to have timely reactions, ensuring the rights of candidates ". Applications are compact, fast processing speeds, and are capable of determining the body temperature of the distance of up to 3 meters, thus helped young men volunteering to reduce manpower in measurement Handmade body is as before

. This is an artificial intelligence technology application (AI) and machine learning technology (Machine Learning) is effective for preventing infectious diseases like Covid-19. Le Phu / News newspaper

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