These Super Foods Will Help You Prevent Skin Cancer Effectively

Preventing skin cancer In addition to taking advantage of sunscreen, it is recommended to strengthen the following foods such as coffee, green tea, grapes ... to protect the body from the UV.0: 00/2: 29 domain Male critics not only helps to alert when starting the new day whose antioxidants have in coffee also have the effect of protecting healthy cells from the attacks of free radicals, reducing the risk of hazardous cancer

. The green green is actually considered super-food anti-cancer datrà containing large amounts of antioxidants, especially EGCG compounds to protect the skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. In addition to drinking daily tea, can take advantage of green tea to cover the skin. At this moment, green tea will work as a fence against skin cancer, regenerate and keep the skin for long-term and long-term skin
Little fatty sour milk is the second most important food after tea Green helps get healthy skin. This food provides antioxidants, preventing aging processes on the body. Besides, yogurt is rich in vitamin A contributing to promoting production and preventing collagen degradation - an important protein provides skin structure, ensuring elasticity and ability to prevent skin cancer. At the beginning of the morning with a glass of warm lemon juice, it also works to prevent cancer easily. Do this because in lemon contains abundant antioxidants. In addition, lemon also contains vitamin C, has the effect of strengthening toughness, helping dynamic throughout the day. Hoicá hoica and cold water fish such as tuna, fish swords ... is a lean prptein source and fatty acids Omega 3 amazing natural
These are essential nutrients that reduce inflammation and maintain a healthy immune system, while against the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation on the skin of direct sunshine .onho There are extremely effective skin cancer prevention of flavonoid components in grapes that prevent skin cancer effectively. It is because flavonoids have the ability to inhibit the impact of ultraviolet rays, helping to prevent the risk of skin cancer. BinaRau Bina belongs to reform family, containing many vitamins B, E, Lutein and Flavonoids (an extreme antioxidant Strong) has the effect of preventing cancer that is extremely effective. In addition to anti-inflammatory capacity, technology also contains the curcumin component that suppresses the development of cancer cells. Although the research results indicate the curcumin does not have the effect of killing pathogenic cells, it is capable of preventing their development. Curcumin is particularly effective in preventing the risk of skin cancer.Socola black blacksocola helps skin not vulnerable by ultraviolet rays, strengthening collagen body protection, anti-miraculous skin cancer of black chocolate makes them Dubbing is "Hac Phon". Specifically, it helps skin not damaged by ultraviolet rays, strengthening collagen in the body to limit wrinkle formation. MINH THAI / VIETQ

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