They Show Off The Image To Reduce 18kg After Nearly 3 Months

New only 3 months after birth that they have reduced 18kg.02: 00/2: 30 Southern Southern Kingdom is one of the long legs coming out of the success of the Face 2016. At the first season of This "splash" game show, her starting is a long leg ..

. but thanks to perseverance and determination, 9X waded the line and became the runner-up of the program. However Exam, she soon got home with a house with a handsome and giving birth to a child. Up to now, the 24-year-old girl was 2 children
She just gave birth to the second kid for nearly 3 months ago. However, looking at the body of the mother after birth after a short period of time, everyone felt unexpected. Newly here, they huyen Thanh posted a photo of the mirror with the handsome society. Everyone is sweaty with a parody, but sucks the waves because of a long-term value. Mother is also witty for: "Having fat together, there are sickness together." After birth for nearly 3 months, she successfully pressed 78kg to 60kg, Mr. Nguyen Quan was 75kg to 68kg. The couple is setting the target that the body is adjusting for the first time and exhausting on the coast. In it, she wants to be myself with the old measurement of about 56kg, so it has built a serious weight loss plan, she is only about 4 kilograms. It is known that they are Huyen Thanh at the last day Pregnancy has increased by 22kg to 78kg
The baby was 72kg and only in a month after birth, she succeeded when she was shaking 15kg. This record is still not "stunned" by the first child born, she has successfully reduced 20kg after only 1 month of birth. The "transformer" of the 2-year-old mother has caused the "fever" of the Mother's own Bim in mid-May last. It quickly regained the shape, so she was soon "left" and immediately worked immediately afterwards. Backstage images have not yet crossed revised the record of the two spouses and sparkling like this. Thanks to the experience of experiencing two births, Huyen Thanh has cast with a lot of experience "blood bone". In turning again. On her personal page always bustling the questions and advice from Bim Mothers. Female models always stressed, when they were born, they were not always the best time to lose weight. Depending on the status of each person and need at least 4 weeks to recover so that you can be ready for the journey to regain the first physique. She raised her breast milk and positively for TI. This is an important factor that helps the mother's mother decrease by 15kg in a month with the secondary baby for the baby, not only a process of affection between 2 mother and child but the mother body burns a lot of energy for the digestion, nutritional metabolism from food to milk for babies. The printed calorie source is input so that a part is also divided to the baby, avoiding the mother. At the same time, 9x mothers also apply EAT Clean diet science. This is a method of eating to maintain the princability and limit the thermal effect as the most processed possible. Build a menu for yourself enough nutrition for both mother and baby. She enhanced starch from vegetables like beans, corn, potatoes. This is a source of food with lots of fiber, laxative and priority of white meat, low of bad fat, good for muscles. Of course, a mode of hard workout is indispensable for mothers after birth Certain firmness. The female body, especially the postpartum abdomen, the muscles, ligaments are stretched and takes time to elastic. This can be done by practicing resistance, and if cutting diets will not be enough and will take longer time. Unveiled specific exercises but through shared images, yes It is possible to see her fortunate to have "Tien Tien" as the commune practicing together. Mr. commune has just been a caregiver, encouraging her to change every day.

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