Thien Kim Trap To Undermine The Kiss Of Thanh Van And Duy Duy

The Engagement Ceremony of Thanh Van and Dang Duy is taking place, Ba Nhan - Mother Thanh Van suddenly appeared and forced her to cancel the Ceremony of Ceremony 09: 00/1: 48 Nou southern people at the daughter and said the bar Van because of greed of the richness of the Duy's wealth that despite the morality, working against conscience, ethics and sabotage of the happiness of others. come. She seemed to be angry and chased him to "fulfill the liability to his brother to carry his blood". Everything began to reveal. He was angry to cancel the marriage of Thanh Van and Dang Duy

. Photo: Golden Sen before going to the restaurant attending the engagement ceremony of Thanh Van and Dang Duy, Thien Kim proactively came to find her and asked for help. The coal coal cried that she was pregnant with Duy. And Thanh Van himself interrupted this to make it only to leave Thien Kim and abandoned the pregnancy in her stomach
Thin Kim.When the truth of exposure, Thanh Van Know that it is suffering from the sound of the sound, she is over the advocacy Dang Duy.Ba still not believed the girl's words, until I signed themselves in front of the Buddha's altar to swear, she prevented and believed in the words of both. Also knew the engagement ceremony of Duy Duy was canceled immediately he went to heaven. Without hesitation hiding, Thien Kim was naturally thinking that he was the destruction of Thanh Van and Dang Duy.Thanh Van and Duy Duy was subjected to the sound of dissemination. Thien Kim is still like no. Signing is angry because without the advice of Thanh Van, surely he chased Thien Kim for a long time. Not noticed himself wrong, Thien Kim also said that Thanh Van deliberately wanted him to witness happiness Both of the two. Finding to Thien Kim ONE ONE ONE ONE, Run in Chess him seven drivers and heard him told about his family, and the employer was murdered
Run not to know whether to tell only or not because of fear he will hurt. But whether to start this secret is secret? Invite the audience to see the next movement of Vietnamese film gambling love broadcast at 20 hours from Monday to Saturday every week on THVL1 channel.

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