Thieu Bao Tram, Khanh Van Affirmed That No Choreography Caused Tiktok’s Storm Of Khac Hung And Jsol

The song for the son of Khac Hung Thanh Top 2 Trending Tiktok in less than 24 hours, Thieu Bao Tram and a series of Vietnamese stars show off lovely dance immediately! 0:00 / 3: 28 Namjsol region has just returned to the race VPOP with songs due to Khac Hung composed a single name on July 8. Although only distributing MV is over a day, JSOL's single has a strong coverage on Tiktok with Viral extreme dance. The song owns a vibrant, colorful and mischievous melody - quite similar to the personality of his "nerve" of JSOL passionately "gnawing" the cat's head on MXH. The song discusses the story has never been the older of young people in modern life: Single.Tiktok plays fever for the dance for the son of Khac Hung and Jsol, Thieu Bao Tram, Khanh Van

... not outside JSOL coverage has represented the Association of Single Subjects who showed a declaration: "So you are single, not because you are, just because I like that, I love only brain
So you are single, don't need to think, haven't found anyone like a person, love, "This is also the most" addictive "song in the song, unexpectedly becoming Trend with Vu Single religion causes fever Tiktok these days. In that number, Thieu Bao Tram is a female singer quickly arresting Trend and receives nearly 700,000 views after only 1 day. Khanh Van (Eye) is also extremely lovely confessed to be a single "captured" jsol and performs dance, quickly reaching 500,000 views in just 3 hours. A series of cult faces like st painted jelly, cara, Actors Hai Nam, Luc Huy (UNI5), Nicky (Monstar), Hoang Duyen, Hot Tiktoker Nhat Minh ... also "arrested Trend" extremely lovely single dance, attracting millions of views. Music and dance Single "nails" are now marked over 3,000 video cover, located in the top trending songs that have just released. Thieu Bao Tram showing off the na na, publicity is "single" The Association also has the participation of Khanh Van Thong Trophitated Thrackers of the handsome rhythms through the Clip showing off the singing chord "fuzzy" through the clip showing off the choreography, what is it and this time! Single continues to be a composition of hit-maker Khac Hung Separate for JSOL. The song melody attracts the listener right from the first second with the audio from the percussion is maintained throughout the Tropical House and the Tropical Drop
Y, South singer said: "JSOL only wishes this song and this MV will transmit positive energy, or" single energy loves life "to everyone during this difficult disease. Looking forward to everything soon to normal, especially Saigon will be peaceful as before. This is the song you like the most ever, just since listening to the first demo for more than a year ago, it was in love, because it had a very positive and true energy ". The song: "Many people tell you, why are you always alone, never seen you have a love affair?", The song has shown the reasons that many people still choose single, live with a mind Young fresh soul: There is love is fun, but is so hoter! Where it is necessarily looking for a "temporary" love while not yet got a person like a single life is still very calm with a dream of dreaming, suddenly a day someone enters the upside down, only more bothered Sometimes and troublesome. Half of true is still waiting in front, so it is so single, thinking much to do! MV single owns bright, fun and mischievous colors. In the MV, Jsol is a funny single man, the day of being taking care of "Boss", and his close friendship. He stood on the sidelines to witness the love, Nicky's dating (Monstar) with his girlfriend - Ngoc Diep. The couple must pay attention, take care of, quarrel and fight each day every day, making JSOL to find it, which highlight the message of the song. In addition, Khac Hung musician also appeared in the last scenes of the MV with JSOL Body Association. The top hit-maker VPOP is very enthusiastic about this product when not only cameo but also participating in the stage on the script and erecting the MV with Ekip.Onshs, the Single Society is here! Hope the positive tone Single's fun will continue to add positive energy for you in the days at home anti-epidemic. CTV - CTV

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