Thin Face Thin Vascular Vascular Must How To Get Better Skin?

Thin skin floating vascular is very sensitive, easier irritation and fast aging. So what is the thin face thin face, how to choose, how to choose cleanser? 0: 00/5: 03 namda thin floating vascular vascular need special note when taking a thin dada care skin Creating 3 layers: epidermis, medal and dermis. The epidermis is the same as the barrier against dirt and the environmental harmful agents of the envelopes containing the nerves and providing the blooddown Made up of thin tissue, fat and slotting glands are when thin cuticles, revealing capillaries in the middle of the skin, and the tissues and fats in the dermis are also strong decline. Thin floating vascular is very easy to observe with the naked eye. Not only the blood vessels that the green tendon also emerged

. In addition, the skin is often reddened in red and easily peeling, lesions. The skin of the skin consists of 3 classes that cause thin skin with blue veins, a common cause of common causes of this situation Transmission, aging, use of skin wearing products, creams containing corticosteroids for a long time to damage skin cells, make skin thin and sensitive. How is the thin thin thin? Blue or green tendons do not danger to health but a great influence on thin aesthetics also increases the risk of pigmentation, darkening, aging faster
Da thin and dry, rough also causes facial skin Patchy, hard makeup, no "chalk", causing self-reliance, afraid of communicating, therefore affecting jobs and life. Thin floating vascular vasculars make skin easier irritated than thin vascular? For those with thin skin, pay more attention to skin care both inside and outside. The skin wants to be beautiful, first of all need to be healthy.1. Skin care measures from inside notes in full drinking, prioritizing many fresh vegetables, reducing bad fat, sugar will help skin. Bad fat and sugar with lots in sweet candies, prepared foods, fried fried lots of grease ... all make the skin floating lots of acne, pouring lots of oil and vulnerable to inflammation, so it needs to be cut immediately. Filter, herbal tea, fruit juice will help supplement water for skin, avoid skin dryness, peeling skin
Bad habit of cigarette, lazy movement and drinking lots of stimulants like coffee is a habit Not good for skin, so it needs to be removed. Did the vitamin and hormonal supplements of female and hormonal loungers are also the reason why the skin is aging, lumpy and less fresh. Therefore, using additional products, health protection food that provides vitamins and hormones is also a solution selected by many people. Skin care measures from the outside Choose the right thin cleanser cleanser is not recommended to use soap cleanser, foam cleanser. Because soap can clean dirt, lubricants but also take away the whole layer of natural oil on the skin, causing the skin to dry. With thin skin people, dry skin can cause pain, even cracking, bleeding causes inflammation. By that, thin and sensitive skin should use cleanser without soap, do not foam to clean gently Without taking away natural oils on the skin. Only washing their face 2 times / day Most dermatologists advised each person to wash their face only 2 times / day, in the morning and evening. If during the day, sweating is much, it is possible to wash more once again. When washing your face or exfoliating your skin should only massage gently on the skin, don't rub the skin, don't rub the skin even thinner. Once a week of killing too much dead cells will cause skin thinning, causing the skin to be even more thin. Only exfoliate once / week to avoid thinner skin, choose a mild toner Many types of toners are advertised to be cleaned Deep but can also cause skin irritation. Therefore, with thin and sensitive skin, it is necessary to choose a soft toner, help soothe and balance the skin. Safety ingredients have a safe ingredient to care for thin and sensitive skin, so pay special attention to the city Part of skin care products. You should only choose products with herbal ingredients, safely, absolutely avoid skin erosion creams, whitening skin containing harmful or unknown chemicals containing the ingredients.Lenka - Cleaning Light-sense face for Lenka face washers do not contain soap, no foaming, odorless, do not irritate the skin, so it is one of the few products recommended by dermatologists. With a balanced formula ( 6.5), Lenka is safe for all skin types, from dry skin, sensitive skin to thin skin floating vascular and green tendon. Lenka helps clean gently, not taking away the natural protection film of the skin, helping the skin keep the needed moisture needed, avoid drying skin. Especially, it is possible to use Lenka to replace the makeup remover, clean and clean, Safety is convenient. People with thin skin of green veins can completely use Lenka to wash face, daily clothes. Using Lenka cleanser combined with skin care measures from inside and outside will help you soon have healthy, beautiful, radiant, confident skin. Lenka face wash - Products are skin doctors Recommended use-formula balance pH, no beams

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