Things Should Not Be Done After Sunburned Skin

Sunburn is a situation that many people have encountered, though not everyone knows what should not be so softened and healed after sun injury.0: 00/3: 05 male sunshine It is skin damage, appears within a few hours after the skin is exposed to the sun and it takes several days to several weeks to reduce. Sunfur occurs due to excessive exposure to excessive ultraviolet rays. Living potato powder, honey applied, .

.. on sunburned skin is a natural way to reduce the vulnerability of many people. However, non-harmless acts can make sunburns worse
Not only the foods that have eaten but also the clothes can also help the sunlight heal or vice versa. Use the aloe complex. Although the aloe may help soothe the red rash, people should pay attention Go to the gel of aloe vera I'm applying to the skin. Some artificial components, such as benzocaine or Lidocaine, can make irritation bad and make the skin more principle. Dermatologists recommend the pure aloe vera gel to treat skin damaged skin due to sunlight. Crightly tight clothes can look trendy, but it certainly doesn't have to choose well if The body is burning burning for sunburn. Wearing tight clothes on the sunburn skin will make the skin unable to "breathe" and heal themselves. Instead of wearing tight jeans, choose spacious pants made from breathable fabrics like cotton. Coffee sunshine often causes headaches and drinking a cup of coffee really makes this situation worse. In the sunshine too long causing people to dehydrate and drink plenty of water that need to be done to replace lost fluid in the body
However, caffeine is a diuretic, it makes users go to the toilet more often, thereby dehydration and essential minerals.Che sunburn with people who can easily cover fire Sun peeled with a makeup, but just like tight clothes, it caused the skin to be stuck. If you need to make a makeup, avoid products that cause serious face and use soft brushes. Skin care professionals also advise people to use mushable cotton because they are gentle on the skin. The effort of exfoliation for dry skin, peeling on the body due to sunburn is Useful methods. But the fact is that this can hurt the skin more, because exfoliating products tend to be quite strong on the skin. Instead, let the sunlight heal in a natural way. False body lotion Body cream can help moisturize the skin damaged by the sun, but make sure that the product is using Application does not contain alcohol. Alcohol helps skin access products and more deeply, but it can also remove natural oil that skin needs to keep moist. Orange juice containing many antioxidants can also make sensitive skin More with light. People will not need to completely give up orange orange drinks, just make sure to apply a sunscreen and avoid direct sunlight after drinking a lot. Use SPF moisturizer, think that people think that moisturizer has SPF moisturizer Help protect the skin without sunburn, but it is not the best way. A study has shown that most people ignore the main areas on the face when applying SPF moisturizer, while sunscreen users tend to apply even more.Huong Giang (according to: Bright Side)

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